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1f 8 . 7rij ?if, by theirpt:t. of ch. Right, cieiredfrom the N. T. C n A P. R our Sat:sfaffion i igliteoufvvefs. (2) Such as oppofe us here , do (& muff ne- cefl'arily fo do ) fpeakFof this matter , as if Righteoufnefs & Sandification Were one & the fame thing; & fo give us here a moff needless Tautologic. A.nd others, who will not yeeld to imputed Righteoufnefs, &yet will grant a difference betrtixt R ighteoufnefs 8t SanFtification, milli cell us diffinc`fly how He is the one, & how He is the other, to His chofen -ones. (3.) Wi f- dom & Sanctification are of a different Nature from Righceoufnefs; for Righteoufnefs cannot be here taken for Inherent Grace & Hoiinefs ;for then it should be the fame with SanEfification, & fo there muft needs be here a Tautology ; & withall noperfed enumeration of the feveral great things,. we ffand in need of, & -Chriíf is made to be unto us of God : & Icing they are different, there is ground to fay , that He is not to us Righteoufnefs, the fame way that He is Solidification ; Sanctification is wrought in us by His. Spirit ; but fo is not Righteoufnefs ; for if we had a Righteoufnes wrought in us , we should be juflified by vertue thereof, & upon the account thereof :. .& if we be juffified by a Righteoufnefs within us, we are juffifiedby our own works , & by the law , contrary toall the Apollo difput, & contra- ry towhat preceedeth & followeth the words under confederation; for then. he who glorieth might glory in himfelf, & not in the Lord alone. 4. All thefè particulars here mentioned we muff have or finde in Chriff , as the 1E l iopil velfion hath it , & each., according to its Nature. And withall we muff be made partakers & pofleflors ofthem all , according as the Nature of the benefice will admit : c$í therefore, as Chriff is forthcoming to His chofen ones, for 'Wifdom, fo as they may really become wife; for San di- fication, that they may become holy ; & for Redemption, that they may be redeemed : fors He forthcoming toHis own for Righteoufnefs, that they may be juffified : for though Righteoufnefs & juflified be not one & the fame,as our Excepter often alleigezh;yet they have confiant refpeél to other, atyd are infeparable , in our cafe. If then we finde a Righceoufnefs in Chriff, for juftification,that Righteoufnefs muft be made ours, & this being a Righteoufnefs that is not our own, before it be made our own, it mull be imputed to us, that we may be there by juflified. He a&ieth , Suppofe, Chri, ji were made Righteoufnefs unto us by Imputation : yet this special manner of hir being rigbteoufnefs to us, mull be made out by other Scriptures, than this: as becaufe a rich man bath flyer dT gold dr jewels in pole. jjïon , it trill not follow that be bath frlver in one obeli , and gold in another, jewels in a third. Anf Chriffs being made Righteoufnefs to us, who have no Righteoufnefs of our own, in order to our jollification, faith, that the Righteoufnefs, we have from Him , can be no otherwayes ours than by Imputation, for it cannot. be wrought in us, elfe it should be the fame with Holiness & SanCfification, And therefore the fimilitude of gold , .filver & jewels is not worth a ffraw, in this cafe;, becaufe -the dif3lmili- tude is obvious. Except. 2. The meaning only it this , That Chrifi is made , ordained of God to be the author, or foie meaner , by way of merite of our jufli fication. An f. (i) A c. cording to his former exception , it will follow hence, that He workerh p no