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C x A P. S. yuflif. by the Imput. of Ch. Right. cleared from the N. T. 39 gotHolinefs& Wifdom in us, by His Wotd and Spirit; but only is the meanes thereof , by way of merite for he will have Chrift to be all thefe particulars to us , one & the fame way. (z) This differeth little from the anfwere of Schlightivgitts cont. Meifnerum , p. 25o. who faith , It is enough that Chrifts righteoufnef s be the caufe of our ¡unification'. dr Chrifl may be faid to be made righteoufnefstous, becaufe his righteoufncfssre ndeth to our good and ¡unification. (3) It is not faid that Chrift is made juflification to is ; but it is faid , He is made Righteoufnefs to us , & though it is true , that He hath me- rited our juftification ; yet when He is laid to be made of God Righteouf- nefs to us , it is apparent , that He beftoweth a Righteousnefs upon us , in order to juttification, or He muft be Righteoufnefs to us , ere we be juffi- fied : & how shall we partake of His Righteoufnefs, if not by Imputation? (4) Chrift can not be the Author, or foie meanes, by way of merite , of our ju[tification, till we have a Righteoufnefs ; that is, He mutt be the foie Author & Meanes of a Righteoufnefs ; for we mutt not fay , That He hath merited , that we shall be lultified without a Righteoufnefs , it being an abomination to the Lord , that even a terrene judge should juftifie one , that bath no Righteoufnefs. If then He bath merited , that we shall be juftified by having a Righteoufnefs , that Righteoufnefs mutt be within us , or without .ns : if within us , then He hath merited , that we shall be juftified by the works of righteoufnefs, which we do , & by the law & by the works of the law , contrary to the whole Gofpel : If without us then it muft either be Chrifts own Righteoufnefs , or the Righteoufnefs of fome other. It cannot be the Righteoufnefs of any other , as will eafily be granted : and if it be Chrifts Righteoufnefs , it mutt be imputed to us , to the end it may be ours , and we juftihed thereby : and this is the thing we preis. He addeth , to confirme this fenfe, That Righteoufnefs is very frequently tared for jußifccation. .Ant Thus he gaineth nothing: for. (r) That will not prove, that it is fo ufed here. (2) And though it did Import juflification here ; yet feing there is no juttification before God , without a Righteoufnefs, it w- ouldfay, That Chrift were our Righteoufnefs too, or that He merited a Righteoufnefsfor us : and what is that Righteoufnefs, that He hath pro- cured , that we shall have , in order to our juftification ? Is it the Righteouf- nefs ofour own works ? Then He bath merited, that our worksshall merite juftification ; & why not alto glorification? Is not this to overturne the whole Gofpel ? He addeth. 2. ftighteoufnefs or jufîification , which Beleevers have in or by Chrifl, is flatl attributed unto His death d7 Sufferings, i? never to His atïive obe- dience. Anf But he bath forgetter what is faid , Rpm. 4.: 24. Who was deli- vered for our offences, and was raifed againe for our ju ftification. Sure , His Re- furreetion was neither His death , nor His Sufferings. He bath forgotten alto what is faid , Rom. 5: 19. So by the obedience of one , shall many be made righteous. And to be Righteous, and tobejultified, is all one with him, as we have oft -times heard. Except. 3. Phis wiQnot fay , That Chri fIs allive obedience only is imputed; or that he only , by his dive obedience, is made rìghteeoou fnefs to us. ant I plead not