Brown - BS2685 B86 1695 the rntput.of Ch.Fight.cleareet further from the N. T. CHAP, 9, feeking, is the Righteoufnefs of God , and which is of God by faith and is had through the faith of Chrifl; and all this was Paid in oppofition to the way , that the dogs , the evil workers, the concifion , mentioned vers 2. Were crying up,and following ,vi. the obfervation of the law, in order to juftification. Io. Behr. I I:7. By faith Noah became heir of the righteou fnejr,which it by faith! Where there is a Metonym} , the Caufe putt for the EffeEt; f ,ìghteoufnefr put for that life, which is had by this righteou nefs which sheweth, that a righteoufnefs is neceflàrily required , unto the life of acceptance with God and unto Salvation ; and that this righteoafncfs is nor in or of our felves , but in and from another ; for it is had by faith ; and therefore is called the kigh- teou fnefr, which it by faith : and faith layeth hold on no Righteoufnefs, but on that, which is (Thrifts. Thefe and other paf ages , which might be mentioned , are evident proofs of the Truth , we are a(ïertingg, with all fuck , as are unprejudiced , in the point ; betide all thofe paffages , which prove juffification not to be by the works of the law, but by faith ; for they alfo confirme this truth , That in order to our }unification and Salvation ; .we muff be clothed with the Righ- teoufnefs of Chrift ; which is that, which faith grippeth to & app *ehendeth, thát the shame of our nakednefs may not appear , and we may be in cafe to ftand before the Tribunal of God. G H A P. X. Some Arguments for the Imputation of Chriífs Righ- teoufnefs, Vindicated from the Exceptions of John Goodwine. THe truth concerning the Imputation of Chrifis Righteoufnefs, bath been hitherto afferted from Scripture; & feveral of there paffages have been vindicated from the Exceptions of Mr. Goodwine , a main adverfary thereunto. For further clearing of the matter, we shall fee what Exceptions the fame man bringeth -in againft the Arguments, which are made ufe of by the Orthodox for the truth afferted. Argum. i. If there be no ftanding in judgment before God , unlefs we be endued with perfect Righteoufnefs; then muff the Righteoufnefs of Chrift be imputed to us , in our juffification. But there is no (landing for us in judgment before God, unlefs we be endued with a perfect Righteoufnefs. Ergo, &c. Againft this he excepteth , pag.192. Chap. 7. faying , That the confequence of the former propofit ion is not good. And fo Both Bellew, anfwere de AM' frc, lib.2. cap. 7. So do alfo the Socinianr. But let us hear his reafons. Remrigin of /inr (faith he) which it the purchafe e procurement of the death of Chri fi , is a perfect Rígh.