Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

I I2, Some Arg, for Imput. of Ch, Right, Vindicated. C H A P. Io; not nigh unto. He addeth , In libe manner , thefe , in whole behalf, Miffs Suffering: were accepted,receive an unfpeakable benefite d7 bleffing by thern;but this operatr nothing to the Inference of the Imputation pleaded for ; that it , that God muff lookupon thefe Sufferings of Chrift, as if they hadperfonally endured them, on whole behalf they are accepted. Anf. Then it feemeth not only is the Imputation of Chrttls atiive obedience denied ; but alto the Imputation of His death and Sufferings ; and no more is granted than what Socinians will yeeld unto. (2) The Imputation , we plead for, is not fuch as maketh God to look upon thefe Sufferings of Chrift , as if Bekevers had perfonally endured them: but fuch , as maketh God to look upon them , as the Sufferings of Chrift , as Surety, Head &Publick perfon, in the room & fleadof His chofen ones; which Sufferings & payment of the Penalty by the Surety , being made over unto & reckoned upon the fcore of Beleevers , they are , upon the account thereof, accepted & dealt with , as if they themfelves had fo Suffered and , Satisfied, in their own perlons. z. He diftinguisheth thus, If by the Rfghteoufnefs of Chrifi the propofition rneaneth, precifely that obedience , which He exhibited to that general dT common law , whereunto all Men are obliged, cenfidered apart from His obedience to that particular lawofMediator , given to Himfelf alone , fo it is falfe. If by Rjghteou f- nef be here meant that obedience of Chriff , commonly called paffive , or both allive and paffive together ; fo it may be true : but then the other will be found tardy. An(: (i) Chrifts obedience to that general law , by which all men were obliged, did as well belong CO His law of Mediation , and was comprehended under it , as His giving up Himfelf to Suffering & to death : for as Mediator He was made under the law , as well as fuffered the Curfe. (2) The Minor pro - pofition is to be underílood of the whole Surety - righteoufnefs, coní fling not only in Suffering; but alto in actual obedience ro the law: & when this is granted, the whole we Peek is granted. Neither is the former propofition found tardy, as appeareth from what is laid ; & the Syllogifine is good , and no Paralogifine, what ever he fuppofeth. Arg. ç. If Chrift were a publick Perlon, (landing in the place or (lead of all theft .that should beleeve in Him ; then all that He did and Suffered, is to be Iookupon & reputed by God , as done & Suffer ed by thefe, & con- fequentlyaor Imputed to them. Bat the former is true, Ergo, &c. Sure, if Chrift was a publik perfon , 'landing in the place and room of the chofen ones, all that He did, as fuch a perfon, or as a Surety, as to that which law and juftice required of them, & they were obliged unto, mutt needs be imputed unto them, & reckoned upon their fcore; and they muff be dealt with upon the account thereof, as 'fall had been done &fuffered by themfelves. We do not fay, that all He did & Suffered,is or mull be Imputed: but that all, which He did and fuffered , in Satisfa Lion of the law and in payment of that, which-we were liable unto, & flood under the obligation of, tsand mull of neceflïty be imputed, to the end we may be delivered from under the former obligation. He except eth, pag.Izo. ds'c. r. The public(nefsof Chrifltperfon, or His flanding in the place of thofe, that should beleeve, is no fuficient ground to build this 1