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C A A P. ICI , Some arg. forlmput. of ch. Right. Vindicated. Iii; this inference upon , T hat. therefor' e all Hedid do- fuffe,ed, are looked upon by God , as done and fufferedbythem; fuch as His conception, Bs,th, dsc. enf: \'/e have obviated this already , by showing , that the Major is to be limited to, $t underltood of thofe things only , which the law requii ed of us , & which we were under the obligaticin of, and were debtors to der and i+ flier, a.tnonl;ff which none of the particulars rnentiomed , and many moe fuch -like , can bq reckoned. His after rambling difcourfe upon this mitiake, is not worth the noriceing: And Who teeth not , how vaineit r for him tofav, that then God rhould look upon men , as haysng redeemed Pie world : For , as the law did riot require this of us ; fo to (peak thus, deft.oveth all ads of Sutetr ship : for the Sureties ads can never be to imputed ro thedebror , as to make him they eby the Surety. We know that Sureties and publick perlons fray do many things , which cannot be laid tobe imputed tothe debtors & perfons repre- fented : but there things are not done by them , as fuch publick perfons Sureties , but in another capacity. And it is folly hence'to inferre, that therefore the Sureties payment of the debt cannot be laid to be imputed to the debtor ; or that wherein the publick perfon was a publik perfon , and which he did as fuch , cannot be laid CO be imputed co thofe whom he re- ptefented. 2. Except. Itaareethnot with Scripture exprefon, -to fay that the S,-fferingr of Chttit are by God looked upon , as our Sufertnns , or to conceive , that we tho.:ld f u ffer in Hurt. It is not all one to Jay , tre were pum hed in Chrift , and Chrt,tl was punished Foa us. Thy /aft sc warranted by Etat. S ;: 6. But throther cannot be .firmed; for ferneinChriffr death , we- h4veremiJfion of fins we can. rtoi .be jaid, for the fame firmer tobe Punts bed in and -with Chrift. Anf. This is wholly founded upon his own way of wording theArgurnent,fo as he thought it would give him moil advantage : for all this lookerh to rhefe word. , in the Major propof are to be looked upon , dr are reputed by God as done d? fered by thofè; which words might have been left our without any hu o our cattle : th Argum, them would have been full and conclude',e,t for us, whether any have argued fo, or he hath framed the Ar um. to his own mind, l know not. Sure, there is no neceflity for adding of rhefe words : yet the words may admit of a candide Interpretation ; for it hath no re- pugnancy, ordiffonancy to Scripture expref ion, to fay , that the Sufferings of Chriit are looked upon as the beleevers fufferrngs,. when they are im- puted to him; not as if God should think , udge or conceive, that the be- leever, in his own l'hvfcal perfon , had fuffered, that which Cirift did tuf- ter; but that he path a fpecial legal inte,e t in rhefe Sufferings , as being in a fpecial mannerintereffed in Chrift : and ao, now dealt with by God , no orherwa; es , than as if he himfelf had , in his own person, laid down that farisfadtory price. And in this fenfe , there is no difference betwixt the lay - ing, that we are puni hed in Chrtfl, & that Chrsfiwar puntphed for us : for the are only punished in China legally , as Chrift (offered for us, as coming in our law - place. Neitherdorb the fairing, in this fenff , That we are pu- nished in Chritf take away Remiflìonof fins, btu Both rather eftablish the ;Arne, as being the only ground thereof : for till we have an 1nterefl in Çtariit