Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

X. Of Free -will. This is the condition of man after Adams fall , that by his own Power; and good works , be cannot convert , and prepare hinl fel f to Faith , and calling upon God. Wherefore without the grace of God , which is by Chrift preventing us , that we may will , and to operating , while we will for doe- ing works, of Pietie, which are acceptable , and well pleating to God, we can doe nothing. X I. Of Mans Juftification. IÇee arc only reputed Righteous before God , for the merit of our Lord and Saviour ye fus Chrift by Faith , not for our works and merits. For which cattle the Doctrine of our being 3uflified by Faith alone, is moff whol fo- rne, and full of con folation, as it is explained in the Homilse about mans ytt. ffi jication, at more length. X I I. Of Good Works. Good works, which are the fruits of Faith, and follow the uftified, although they `cannot expiat our fns , or endure the feverity of Divine yaRice;. Yet they are pleaing, and accepted'by God in Chrift and neceßarily flat" from a true and lively Faith; So that plainly by them a vive faith can be known, as tree can be judged by it's fruit. X III. Of works before Juftification. Works which are done before the Grace of aril' , and the influence of his Spirit, fince they do not proceed from the Faith of yefits Chrift , are not at all acceptable to God ; neither doe they merit the grace , which many call congruous. Yea , becaufe they are not done according to Gods will and com- mand, we doubt not , but they have the nature of fin. X V I I. Of Predefcination , and EIealon. Predeftination to life, is the eternal purpofe of God , whereby He , before the fetling of the foundations of the world , by his Counfel hid indeed as to us, Immutably decreed , thofe whom he had cho fen in Chri out of man- kind should be delivered from the cur fe and deftruaion, and (as veffels made to honour ) brought to eternal Salvation by Chrift. Hence thofe who are gifted with this notable favour of God , are called in due time, according to his purpofe His own Spirit working, they obey by Graces call , are yufti- fed freely, are Adopted to be the foes of God, and made conforme ro the z I made