Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

Image of Ns only begotten Son 7efus Chyift , they walk. holily in good works , and in end, by the mercy of God , they come to eternal happinefi. As the pious confideration of our Predeftination , and Election in Chrift is fweet, pleafant , and full of ineffable confolation to the truely Godly , and to thofe, who find in themfelves the efcacie of the Spirit of Cbrift, mortifying the deeds of the flesh, and members, which yet are upon the earth, and by force drawing the mind to things above , both because it does much efiablish, and confirme our Faith of obtaining eternal Salvation , as al fo becaufe it vehemently kindles our love toward our good : so it is a very deftruclive precipice to curious and carnal men, and who are deftitute of the Spirit of Chrift, to have alwayes the fentence of Gods Predeflination pro - pofed to their view , whereby the Devil either preffes them to defpair, or into equally pernicious fecuriry of a molt impure life. Thereafter , the Divine Pro - mifes molt be fo imbraced, as they are generally propofed to us in the holy Scriptures, and the will of God, which we have exprefly revealed in Gods worst, to be followed by us in our actions. Atque hi quidem Punt Ecclefix Anglicanx de Gratia & yufti ficatlone Articuli, convenientes unique cum aliarum Eccle(i arum, præfextitn Eccle- ia Scoticanx doftrina , uti ex hujus Confeífione Art. III. VIII. XII; XIII. manifeftum eft.