Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C fl A P. I O. Some Arg. for the Tmput. o f Ch. Right. Vindicated. ' I r 7 portion with Chrifi's ful filling it., or really dr perfònally to fulfill the law , after fifth a manner? Anf: The expreflïons already mentioned do fufliciently evince this union and communion that beleevers have with Chrift , in His media- tory work, which is a folide ground oflmputation of the fame unto them ,. as the foundation of thick partaking of the benefices flowing therefrom : for there cannot any skew of reafon be given for the one , which w ill not hold good for the other alfot And it is Paid , but not proved , that thefe & the like, expreffions hold forth no more , but one or both of thefe two things alleiged :: yea the (cope of the places, and the Ltsiport of the words, hold forth much more , as is paid: Arg. t2. Whofoever is a (inner, & fo continueth, whil'a be liveth, cannot be juftified otherwayes , than by the Impuration of Chrifts Righ- teoufnefs. But every man ( Chriff excepted ) is a (inner, &c. Theta- fore &c> He excepreth , peg. 2.19. ec, I f there be no other meaner of jtt flífying , the cep dition of the whole world is hopleji for there is no fìich Imputation. i nf: The con- trary bath been shown,& shall be more demonftrated hereafter. He addeth, Without Imputation there is another door opened. What is this ? Thefe that truely beleeve in je(us Chrifl, being not under the hub , but under grace, are not liable to condemnation for their daily.imns , 1 job. 2:42. Anf. True but what then ? ,How come they to be under grace , & not under the law ? Is is not by vertue of the Imputation of the RighteoufnefsofChrift . unto them , unto their )u- ftification; & becaufe of their Intereft in Chrili, as Mediator, as their Head, Husband , Surety , Intereffour & Advocat ? He addeth. So that for the di f- J lvingdrtakingatvayofal guilt, tberé needs no. Imputation of the ijEtiveobedience of Cbrifl. The propitiation which He it unto them , by His blood d?' Interceffion, 'bath done this Jervice to them , before this imputation it fuppofed to come at them. Anf. We plead for the Imputation of His whole Surety & Mediatory work;. fay that it is wholly imputed , & that at once , & not one,part now , and. another at another time. Nor do we fay, that Chrifts death did procure one thing , &His obedience anot her thing : but that in & by both , He , as Su- réty, perforated what the law required of us -; & thereby procured all to us, that we ftand in-need of, to make us happy. Thus have we vindicated the Arguments,which this Author thought good to make any anfwere unto: others might be mentioned, but we shall forbear ineationing.of them , till force other occafion. P°1 CHAP.