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Fi ii r 16 Some Arg. for rmput., of ch. Risk P. itidirated.. C. H A P. /0. advantages thereof , nolefs really & effe&ially , ,than,if they themfelves in their own perlons, had dyed & fatisfied, the fame being now impute unto them , & laid hold on by faith. (2), Though there expreffions., atleat>i fame of them ,t,& in fame places of Scripture , as Rpm. 6. may & do import what is here expreffed ; yet the full imporc'of thefe Exprefíions is not hereby exhatilled , as the fcope & circumftances of the places may cleare ; as parti- cularly that exprefiion , Gal. 2: zo. 1'4>n crucifled with Chriff : & thefe Epbef a: 5 6. He addeth againft this. That Gal. 2: 2o. The expref ion it taken in the-latter fenfe , importing that the natural death of Chrifi for Paul it others ,had wrought tf pon him , in a way of ajmilation to it frlf , dT had made him a dead man to the world. Anf. Paid is rather clearing & confirming , how he was become dead to the kw , and alive unto God, 'ers 19. in & through the vertue of Chrifis death & crucifixion , in which he had fuch an Interett , that he accounted him fell, as it were hinging -on the crofs in & with Chrift; & did fo left upon that by faith , & o -wne that Sacrifice alone , that he & Chci.ft,, as it were , were become one perfon ;& he owed his being dead unto the law onely thereunto, & had it asreallr flowing therefrom & following thereupon, as ifhe himfelf had hung upon the crofs , asa fatisfa dory Sacrifice. To that Ephef. 2: 5, 6. he faith The meaning is not, that God looks upon them, as quickened from a natural or corporal death,ar Ckrilis q a ickening d?' rifeing again war. Ant, Nor do we fay,that this is the meaning,nor need we either think, or fay fo : but this we fay , that the expreflïon holdeth this forth, that Chrift dyed & rofe againe , as a publick perfon &Surety; & that Beleevers have fo neer an Interett in His Mediatory work & fo crofs an union with the Me. diator , that they areas one-perfon in law ; fo that they are really made par- takers offome of the suites of what Chrifi did & fuffered , already , & shall as really partake of what is yet to be communicated, asif they themfelves had laid clown that purchafing price. Let us hear what he giveth for the meaning. The meaning ( faith he) it either to frgnifie the profeijiion-, that is made by urof that newnef of life, . which in way of a Spiritual Analogy , anjwerr that life , where-, unto Chrifl was quickened and role againe ; or elfe the new life se Pelf wrought in tit. An f, That the Apo(tle is not here fpeaking of a meet profefiion., is rnanitelt nor is he (peaking only of a new life, wrought in. them ; for he addeth, and made us fit togethter. in heavenly places in Chrifi ¡eftes t. Nor Both that, which he faith , invalidate the meaning; which we give ; for that effe t., or in wrough quicke niuig is fpoken of, as flowing from arias dying & rifeing , & , from their lilted} in His dying and rifeing, & their union with Him in all that, as being one perfon in law with Him; & fo as virtually rifeing with. Him, and now ttrng with Him, who is their common Head & Reprefen- eative All which . dal). abundantly confirme the.Dodrine of Imputation,, which we plead for. He addeth finally, Rut on the ether hand ", at there-is no f ueh evpre.[Jîon in "Scrip eure, as this , we have fulfilled the law with Chritt; fo neither, if there were, . would it make any thing at all to falve the truth of thepropofition , under queflion :. ,for ttthrat ifrre jasd,eitbtr to profefrkuch a ful filling9f the law , ar holds pro- portion.