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T4.1 oh j eáiions fromScrip :ure anftvered. C HA P. it;. no..: of Chrift , L-e makethrt the very formal righteoufnefs it felf, upon the account of, and becaufe of which we are ¡unified. Let us hear what he faith. When mrnray ( faith he ) that faith juftifieth , I demand , what is it , they. meane by faith do they not meane their beleeving of ail or faith? Anf. When the Scripture faith, That we are juitified by faith , faith is taken for our at of faith , laying hold on Chrift & on His Righteoufnefs , it being the mean ap- pointed of God for this end , by intereffing us in & uniting us with Chrift, & applying that Surety- righteoufnes of His. But this can no way prove, that therefore faith it felfisthat Rilahteoufnefs, upon the account whereof we are declared Righteous in the fight of God in order to juftification ; or is the formal nbjeftive Reafon of our juftification. Though faith be Paid to ju- flifie , as an lnfti-umentalcaufe (as this Author hirn (elf afterward confeffeth) it willnot follow that therefore it juflifiethasa principal caufe or as the formal objeftive caufe. The hand receiving riches loth inftrunientally en- rich; but is not the principal caufe of the mans riches. The producing , in face of court , of the Surety's payment, by the principal debtor, now pur- fued by the creditor, is not the formal ground of the debtor's abfolunon from the charge , but the payment it lelf, which is inftrueted, is the on- Iy formalground,, though, the lnftruftion of that payment by the debtor, in face of court,. be requifite in its place, and a mean to the debtor's abfo lution. He faith , he conceiveth not of faith'ar divided, or fevered from its objed , ei- ther Chrifl in perfän, or Chrifi in proinile. Anf. It is true , the'aft cannot be conceived without its objet & all the confederation. of the objet ere had by him , is. by verrue of the aft reaching the objet & fo the aCis only confidered by him no further, thaw as a commanded duty, or as say. other aft of the Soul., which is commanded :. and befide, this faith , thus afting on Chrift , is but an hiftorical faith : for if he confider faith, as afting on Chrift, according to the Gafpel, & as it is called Juilifying or Saving faith , in diftinaion from the faith of Miracles , & from Hiftoricai faith , he muff look. upon it, as the foul's fleeing out of it (elf to Chrift for refuge; and as laying hold on Plis Righteoufnefs as only fufliicient;. and as receiving, em- braceing , leaning to and retting upon Chrift and His Righteoufnefs; whence it is mianifeft,,, that it cannot be conceived , nor looked to , nor retied upon, as our Righteoufnefs, its ufe & work being to bring -in and receive another gifted Righteoufnefs, and to rest upon that for life , Jollification. and Sal- vation. Herds us next, That healfoconfe th that faith jufli fled, inffrumentally,¿ stet otherwi fe; d? that he bath neither laid , nor intended to Jay any other thing. Anf But how this can agree with what he hash faid , & with what hereafter we shall heal him laving., let men of underítanding judge.. Did ever man before acknowledg faith , tojuflifieinflrumentarly, & yet deny theImputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift , as he Moth ? and yet altert that this inllrument faith is iinputed for our Righteoufnefs, for our only Ríghteoufnefs, and as liac.only formal ground of ourlutlification , as he doth ? Did.ever man altert- this,