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C H A P. I L. objeetions from scripture anftaered. i.q,; this Inftrurnentality of faith, to shoulder -out the chiefe and principal Inte- refi, that the Surety.righteoufnefs of Chrift hath , in the bufinefs ? This therefore muff be looked upon , as incontinent with his only defigne , in this whole book; and as an unwary exprefìîon overturning all orelfethat. he mutt have Paid all this in an hid fenfe , not yet utaylerftood. To that , That faith juftifieth, as it taketh hol_iofChritt's Righteoufnefs, . be anfwereth , That yet it is the aft offaith that juflifceth. Anf. And did ever any meaneotherwife , when they (poke,pffaith as an Infirument, or mean ? But that is not our prefent queftion : we are now enquireing after that Righ- teoufnefs , for which, & upon the account of which we are juilified ; and not afrer the Inftrurnent, or Mean , by which we are pofl'effed of that R igh- teoufnefs , upon the account of which alone we are juftified , & by which we are put into a [tate of Juftificatiou. So that all this walk of words is to no purpofe. He moveth another objeition againft himfelf, thus , If it be laid that when we are juflified by faith , the meaningir, we are luftified by that, which faith apprehendeth dT this it far from faying,, that faith is imputed for Righteoufnefs.. Here !can obferve nothing but confufion , & a jumbling together , as one,, thefe-two far different Queftions, vii. What is that Righteoufnefs , for, becaufe and upon the account of which we are juftified : & what is that way, Mean , or Infirumen t, by which we partake of Righteoufnefs , unto Jultifi- cation , & are juftified. Here is a manifeft confounding of the principal Me- ritorious cattle , & the Inftrumental caufe: of the formal obleclive cattle (which fome call the Forman, others the Material caufe ) and the Inferiour Meane, or Inftrumental caufe. Herealfo thefe two are confounded & made ene , vt . We are juftified by faith; &faith is Imputed unto lkighteou fnefr. That thefe are far different , shall be cleared hereafter. But what anfwereth he? He faith i. If their meaning be-limply fo, that we are juflified by that, which faith apprehendeth , they fpeak. more truth than they are aware of. But that what joever faith apprehendeth should juftífy, n not true. Anf. Who fpeaketh thus I know not ; yet I fee little danger in it , their meaning. being only this; in that expretlìon , we are juflified by that, which faith apprendeth, that Chrift & His Righteoufnefs, which juttifying faith, in the aét.of 1 unifying, faith hold on, ist he fjrmalobjetivecati'fe, or that upon the.account of which we are juftified : 8z this no way faint, that our faith is that Righteoufnefs , for which. we are julti ed. Next he Mir h, If men aforibe juflification, in every refpell , to that, which faith apprehendeth, they defi'.roy the Inffrumeneal jußtftcatien of faith. Anf. No man , that I know , doth or will afcribe Juflificarion, in every refped, 'unto that which faith apprehendeth , & fo, they need not deftroy the I nftrumen- tal ufe of faith in 'unification ; for as to the Inftrurnental jollification of faith, I underftand it not ; it feemeth to be a very çatachre ick exxprrefa lion, YQ' erY In end, headdeth, Iff jufiifiethanyway, itmuflof necefty be by 1f11* putation, or accountfrom for righteoufneIs; becaufe it it all that God re- R. 3. guìtes.