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CH A P. i I: objections from scripture anfit'ered. 147 of the lam ? Againe , what though the word had that Import here ? can any thing more hence follow, than that perfonal Righteoufnefs is not de- rivable now from one man to another fo as to [land for his perfonal righ- teoufnefs ? But how shall this fenfe of the words make them a proofor con - firmarion of what was Paid in the former verfe ? He anfwereth to this , faring , The Apofile in the former verfe had delivered it for a truth , that no man could be Wilfred by the law I. e. by the righteuu fnef s or works of the lair ; becaufe the Scripture faith the tuft shall live by faith. Now becaufe this confequence might feern doubtful , upon this account that it might be Paid , why may not the jufi live by faith, d? by the worlds of the law too ? may not the rs <hteouJnefs of the lam be made over to th tin by faith ? No , faith the Apo file , The la to is notof faithAere can be no legal rig eoufne fr drawn upon men by faith.dfc, Anf. This confirmation is manifeflly perverted : for there was no occafon for that queftion,whether the righteoufnefs of the law could be made over by faith , whether it be taken in his fenfe , alit. Whether the Righteoufnefs of Chrtft , performed to the law could be made over and received by faith; as appeared. fromwhat he had faid of the Gofpel -way vers 8,9. Or whether it be taken in this fenfe , that the righteoufnefs of the law , performed by a meer- man , only for himfelf, according to his obligation ,can be now made over to another by faith; for no man over dreamed of fuch a thing. Bur enough of thisfroathy trash. What he talketh afterward of the oppofition betwixt the law and faith, in the matter of juaification, is utterly impertinent; becaufe quite mis- taken , and mifunderftood by him : for he only underflandeth the difference thus ; That faith hath nothing to do with the Righteoufnefs of Chri[t, but mutt beconfidered alone , as our aEtof obedience ; & wherever the law , or the righteoufnefs thereof is excluded in the matter of juaification , there the righteoufnefs of Chri[t is as well to be underftood, as our own perfonal acts of obedience. But how crot e this is unto the whole doctrine of the Gofpel, is already abundantly shown ; and we may have further occafion to touch upon this matter hereafter. C H A P. XII. Some other obje &ions, propofed by John Goodwine; examined. Mlk. tohn Goodwine proceedeth , in his forementioned book Chap. 9. and forward, to propofe force Arguments, againft the lrnpu- tation of Chuft s righteoufnefs , which in order fall under con - lideration. Obj. i. That Righteoufnefs , which will not furnish all Beleevers with all paints or parts of that righteaufnefr , which the law required; u f them, cannot be imputed S to `'