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C H A P. I Z; Mr. Goadwin's Arg. againfi lmput. anjivered. i 5 r fely fitted to the perfon of Him , that is Mediator between God dS man , cannot be imputed unto any other man. But f ch is the Righteoufnefs ofChri f1. Ergo. The Major he thus confirmeth. Be that a fJ'umeth this Righteoufnefs of Chrifl, re- pre f tints himfelf to God , in the glorious attire of him , who ma/ eth men righteous , 5 may concerte himfelf as great in holtnefs, as jefus Chrift himfelf&c. Anf. Chritt's Righteoufnefs was indeed the Righteoufnefs of a Mediator & Sure- ty ; & therefore was imputable to all , who by faith should be married to Hirn , & have union with Him , as their Head , & Husband , ti. are beco- me one perfon in Law with Hirn , as their Reprefentative & Surety ; though not as it was fubjeaed in Him , but according to the nature of the thing & to their neceffity. Hereby therefore is no wrong done to Chri(l no rob- bing of Him of His mediatory glory ; but , on the contrary , a more clear & manifeft afcribing of the fame unto Him , by acknowledging Him for the only Mediator , & by refting on Him , & on His Righteoufnefs , as our only Righteoufnefs and ground of Acceptance. We cleare the matter thus.. W hen the payment of a Surety is imputed to the debtor, and he pleadeth the fame in court , for his own abfolution , he Both no injurie unto the cau- tioner; but ratherdeclarethhimfelf unable today,. & afcribeth the honour of the payment unto the Surety :. for he doth a eige or produce that pay ment , as if he would thereby declare , that he himfelf ,'as Surety , had paid the ftimme for another ; but only, produceth the payment of a Surety , in reference to himfelf, as a ground fuf icient in Law, whereupon he should be abfolved from the Charge , giuen-in againft him by the creditor. So when the beleever applieth to himfelf the Righteoufnefs of Chrift , he doth not make himfelf a Mediator or Surety ; but only applieth the Righteoufnefs & payment of his Surety , Head & Husband , for his own ufe , to anfwere the charge given -in againff himfelf, and in reference to his own particnlar cafe & neceffity. Hereby the beleever doth not allume to himfelf an equa- lity of Righteoufnefs with God himfelf; but only affumeth that Mediatory & Surety -ri ghteoufn Ls , which He wrought , who was equal with God , was God, fo tar as4rown cafe & neceffity requireth. We dream of no fuch imputation, as would give ground to us to conceite our felves to have done & faid all that He did & faid. This is the fietion of the Adverfary not our Afferrion. Againft the confideration of the Union betwixt Chrift , as the Head , & beleevers as the Members which is the ground of this Imputation & com- munication, He faith pag. 113.. I. Chrifi d?' Beleevers are myflical body, d r therefore an univer fal agreement , in all things. , with a natural. body , cannot be thought on ; one difference is this, what one member of the body natural doth , the whole may be faid to do. But not fo in the myflical body;. the body .of Chilli cannot be laid to have wrought miracles d ?c. Anf. Nor da we afferte an agreement betwixt thismyttical body & a natural body,. inall points: But yet, as Chrift accounteth Himfelf a fufferer, when the members of His body are fuffering, asfuch: So what Chrift did , as an Head to His myflical Body. and Spiritual Kingdom /according to the defignation and appointment of cod , who mad,a Him both King &Lord, mutt redound to their advanta- S.3 e,