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152, Mr. Goodwin's Arg. againfl Imput. anfivered. C H A r. i2, gge , according to their neceflìty : and therefore what He did , as a publick Head & Reprefentative , mutt be imputed unto them , who are of His Bo- dy , & were undertaken for & reprefented by Him. He faith. 2. Though the benefite of what the head doth , be communicated to the whole body ; yet what the head cloth, it no ¡payerr to be imputed to hand, or to foot. Anf. The hand or foot needeth no imputation of what is done by the head , but a community , or political body , and every member thereof, needeth an Imputation of what is done for their good & in their Law-place , by their Head & publick Reprefentative. And in this matter, we look upon Chrift, asfuch an Head. Againft the Marriage -Union betwixt Chrift & Beleevers , mentioned as another ground to cleare this Imputation , he faith i. It is true , the wife by marriage comes to be endowed with all that is her husbands , but this endowing it no ingredient into the marriage it Pelf , but a fruit thereof: Jo the right which a beleever bath to the Righteoufnefs of Chrifi, accrueth unto horn by d?' upon this Spi- ritual marriage; and therefore it cannot be imputed to him. The marriage mull . be fill made up , before the right be had unto this Righteoufnefs. Anf. lithe t right unto Chrift's Righteoufnefs accrue unto Beleevers by & upon their Spiritual Marriage with Chritt , this Righteoufnefs mutt be imputed to them, and reckoned upon their fcore , or made over unto them , as the dowri.e is made over to the wife and reckoned hers , upon her marriage. We grant the mar- riage is firft made up , and that this is done by faith ; and yet at the very ad of beleeving , this Righteoufnefs is imputed. This marriage Unión is firft in order of nature but no time interveeneth betwixt this Union and the Im- putation of Righteoufnefs. He faith z. all that is the husbands is not every 'way the wifes, nor forever, ufe d3' purpofe , but only in a way of expediency and beneficialnefs ; as his clothes are not hers to put on fó the beleever mull take heed of aj'uoning the glorious robtof His lkighteoufnefs to him felf, othertvayes than in the benefìte and comfort ofit. Anf. All that is the husband's becometh the wifes by Marriage for every ufe and purpofe , that her neceflity calleth for , and the nature of the thing admitteth ; as his riches become# hers to her main - tainance , and to the paying of her debt ; and :his honour becometh hers, to the exalting of her to a Sutable flare of honour: even fo mutt Chrift's Righ- teoufnefs become the Beleevers, that his debt may be payed , and he fa- ved out ofthehandof juttice, & advanced to a flaw of life, and have right to glory. Obj. ;. Chap. It. pag. HS. If God hath fufficiently provided etherwayes for the juflsficatipn of his people, He Both. not impute this IZxghteoufnefs of Chrifl for that end. But God hath provided otherwayes for this end. Which he thus pro- deth.Hethatiscompleatly juflified by having his fins forgiven, is juf!ified with. out this Iwputation. But a beleever is fuftciently jufli fled before God by the for - grivenefs of finr. Ergo. Anf. Though a perfon juftified is pardoned, yet jutti, fication includeth more , than meer pardon of Sins. f unification is the pto ï pouncing and accepting of a perfon as Righteous; and therefore the per- fon fo juftified and accepted mutt be righteous : and (ping he is not inherently. righteous., he mutt be righteous by Imputation. What he Paid to this pur- pofe