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C H A P. IL Mr. Goodwin's Arg. againft Iinput. 4nfit'ered. 159 death_ or them , than for himfelf then the jufl should not have died for the unjuji but for the juJl. Anf. If we had not tranfgreffed the Law , there had been no neceffity , 'that either we , or any for us, should have died ; but having tranfgreffed the Law , & thereby fallen under the Curfe, & wanting all right to life we inuit have a Surety - righteoufnefs , whereby not only the Curie shall be taken away, but the bleffing of'Abraham may come upon us,, & we may have a full right to life : & therefore both the Active & pave Righteoufnefsof Chrift is neceffary (z) Chrift died for the unjuft , becaufe His death , which was the period & terminating at of His obedience, and Surety righteoufnefs, which He undertook to performe in our room and Law place , was forfinners , lyingunder the Curfe, & void of all right & title to life. He imagineth that frrft Chrift's Active Righteoufnefs is im- puted , & thereby the perron is conftituted Righteous ; & then inferreth the non- neceflity of Chilli's death : But we fay , that Chrift's whole Surety- righteoufuefs, confìiiing in what He did & fuffered , in His fiate of Humi- liation, in our room, and as Cautioner, is at once imputed ,and not in parts; that fo the neceffity of finners may be anfwered in all points. He thinks to prove this confequence by thefe words Gal. 2:21. If righ tcozifnefs be by the Law , then Chrift died in- vaine; rejedling the fence of the word Law, vii. as importing the works of the Law , as performed by us ,. in our own perfon , & thereby doing violence to the whole Scope of the place, & to the con[harit acceptation of the expreflion ; & fuppofing that the Confequence will be throng , though the works of the Law , as perfor- med by Chrift, be here nnderflood ; & that meerly upon this falle ground, Becaufe the F ghteoufnefsofChrifl'slife imputed had been a Sufficient , 1uß every wayes a compleat Rjghteoufnejs for ur. Nor need we fay , as he fairh in our na- me , That therewas a NecejJìty, that Cbrifl should did , that fo the righteoufnefs of His life might be imputed to ut : For the neceffity of His death arofe from our transgrefling of the Law, & being under the Curfe. Obi. 7. Chap. iq.. pag. 15 a. He álleigeth , that this Imputation eva teth Remifììonof Sins, laying , fir if men be righteous with the fame righteouf- nefs , wherewith Chriji was righteous , they have no more need of pardon , than He had. Anf. We (poke to this above. Chap. 6. Myfiery i i. & therefore need fay no more here, then that the Confequence is null; & that the probation. is infufficient, for though we be conitituted Righteous through the Imputa- tion of Chrift's Righteoufnefs; it is but a Surety- righreoufnefs, & nor our own inherently : & the Surety not being of our appointing or fitting & fur- nishing , our pardon is a Confequent & Effect of this Imputation. (2) The confequence is no more valide from the Imputation of the Active Righ- teoufnefs of Chrift ;than from His pafiìve and Satisfaction and fo with Sociuians, he muff alto hereby deny Chrift's SatisfaLion, that he may efta.- blish his free Remiffìon. But Gofpel free forgivenefs is rather eftablished , than any way weakened by our Affertion of the Imputation of Chtift's who- le Surety- righteoufnefs. He addeth , Chrifi bath taught us to pray for forgiveneff ofSins : now to pray. for that and yet to conceite ourfelver as righteous, as aril/ war is rather to. T