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I5$ Mr. Goodwin's Arg. againfl Impur, anftvered. C ii A P. it fuch , or a man shall be juftified, without all confideration of a Righteouf- nefs ; and fo be pronounced & declared Righteous, though he be not Righ teous upon any account , of in any manner of way : And if faith be not ac- counted for the feif fame thing , or for the equivalent with the Righteouf- nefs of the Law , how shall it be accounted a Righteoufnefs , in order to the juftification of a firmer, who is under the Curie of the Law , & who becaufe of the breach of the Law , hath no right to life ? wherefore faith mutt have that inherent worth , that the Righteoufnefs of the Law should have had, elfe it cannot be a Righteoufnefs, whereupon a firmer can be justified before God , who is juft and Righteous, and will not pronounce Inch to be Righteous , as are not Righteous. ( z) If God, upon a man's faith , willas gully juftify a man, asif he had fulfilled the Law, either that faith mutt be a Righteoufnefs, and fo accounted , which he here denieth; or the man muft be declared Righteous , who bath no Righteoufnefs ; and fo the judgment of God should not be according to truth ; or upon his be- leeving he mutt be juflified as being Righteous by an Imputed Righteouf- nefs which is the thing he peremptorily denieth. ( ;) When one is jufti- fied by faith, by God's free & gracious Acceptation of it , this aCt of grace muft eitherimport,that faith is accepted as a Righteoufnefs, & fo accounted of God ; or ?till the beleever shall be declared and pronounced Righteous, though he bath no Righteoufnefs or the meaning of this Acceptation muff be , that God bath gracioufly condefcended to appoint this mean & way of fanners having an Intereft in the Righteoufnefs of Chrift , whereby he may be accounted Righteous & juftified, as really , as is he had performed that Righteoufnefs himfelf , in his own perfon & in this fenfe , it is moft true, but utterly deftruEtive of his defigne. (4) If faith be accepted for that ;. which is juftifying in its own Nature , & by vertue of its Inherent worth & dignity , it mutt either be that , which is of inch inherent worth , or it mutt be accepted for that, which it is not, & fo a man mutt be judged by God to have that, which he bath not. He concludeth thus. Wherefore, the Imputation of faith for righteoufnefs may well Hand with perfonal fins , in him , to whom this Imputation is made, in ref pea of which fins he remaines obliged to repent: but the imputation of -a per f tIlegal Righteoufnefi makes a man perfetlly righteous in the letter e formality of st. Anf. Then it feemeth that by the Impuéation of faith for Righteoufnefs, a man ftandeth not invefted & poffetfed of a full & entire right unto life : for that, he Paid before , was a privilege wholly inconfiftent with the leaft tinc- ture of fin. (2) If by a perfedlegal Righteoufnefs, he meane a Righteouf- nefs required of the Law & performed by us perfonally, we plead not for the Imputation of any fuch : but if he mean a Righteoufnefs confifting in full conformity to the Law, performed by Chrift & gracioufly imputed to us, & received by faith, that is well confiftent with inherent & perfonal fins. What he meaneth b, making a man perfetlly righteous in the letter ¿T formality of it, I know nor, till fome be pleated to explaine it. obj. 6, Anotherargum. he profecuteth pag. 149. &c. thus. If men be at itightcous as Chriji himfelf was , in his life , there was no more neceßsty of His. death