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C i A P. L The Thtrodatiof. 3 tionsof God, giving clear fignificationsof his mind, topching the evani- shing of thefe shadowes , the /outer , principled with falfe Conceptions about that Law , & with prejudices against the truth of the Gofpel , and animated and encouraged by falfe Teachers , raifed up of Satan, to corrupt the DoEtrine of the Grace of God , did ftrenuoufly contend for the confiant Obfervatien thereof , either Solely , as a Sufficient ground of their Juftification ; or in conjunetion with the Gofpel : Yet , be- caufe thistookalongl' with it, the obfervation of all that Law, which God had prefcribed of old , as the only ground , in their miftaken apprehenfion, of their Juflification , & acceptance with God; therefore we finde the A- pofile Paul ( who was efpecially flirred up, & immediatly infpired of the Spirit, to vindicat the Gofpel -way of juttification from this corruption; after he had been fingularly fitted thereunto , by being in fo fignal a manner brought to embrace this Truth , ( who was formerly fo zealous for the Law, & againft the Gofpel in all points) profecuring the controverfie to the full; & not only handling it in reference to theimnaediat Rife & occafion thereof; but in reference to that alto, where -unto of neceffity it muff have come, & where it mutt have landed , at length. And though there have been few , fince thofe ilayes, & none at pre - fent , who will contend for the Obfervation of the ceremonial Law , in the fenfe, & for Ends , urged by the jerver, & jewifh falfe A potties , in the pri- mitive times ; yet we mutt not think , that therefore all the DoElrine of the Apoflle hereanent is if no ufe to us. Many debates & difcourfes had the Apoflle, betide what we have recorded of him in Scripture ; & to think, that his Difputes & Difcourfes, in his Epifiles, concerning Juflification, are of no more concernment to us , as to the queftion aboutluflification, becaufe none now'adaies, plead for juflification by the obfervation of the ceremonial Law, as did the jewes, againft whom Paul Difputed , is, in my judgment, no fmall imputation upon the Spirit of the Lord, infpi- reing the Apofile to write thefe Epifiles, & putting them into our Ca- non: and of this fuch, in my apprehenfion mutt be guilty, who think to wave all the Apofiles Difcourfes, in this matter, with this , that he is only to be underftood, as fpeaking & Difputing againft fuch, as cried- up the confiant obfervation of the Ceremonial Law, as fuch. But , whatever circumfiantial differences , whether as to the Rife or occafion, or as to other things of the like Import, there may feem to be, or may really be, betwixt the Difpute, as then ftated, & as now profecuted ; Yet all the Difputes & Differences about the Maine & Effen- tials of juflification , as an about inferiour & fubordinat Qteftions, in fo far as they depend upon, or are influenced by the Maine, will be found to be, upon the matter, one & the fame, whether managed of late or of old : For different Termes & Expreffions may be, where the matter & thing fo expreffed , is really one & the fame. And therefore , as we are to obferve with thankfulnefs the Lords love to & care of His.Church, in providing & preferving, for the Life & Edification of the fame, in all ages, to the end of the world, fuch a neceffary Depofitum; & His won - A 2, derful