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4 The Introduïfi"on; C 11 A P. L erful wîfdome in infpireing' flis Amanuenfer fo" to write, as not only to refell the Errour, in all its Circumftances & Branches , as it was then broached , to the darkning of Gofpel -light but fo alfo as the Truth might remaine fullycleared, confirmed & faifguard againfl all the affaults of Sa- tan , in all time coming , by whatever Inf(ruments, & under whatfom- ever new Notions , DiftinSi ons, Termes of art , Exprefíions and preten- ces the fame may come to be attacqned . So are we to acquaint our (elves well with the Doctrine of the Spirit of the Lord , in this matter ; to the end , we may be fully inftrudted in the Truth , & enabled, to maintaine the fame, & fortified againft all new Affaults ; or, rather , old Afraults renewed , howbeit mannaged by feemingly new weapons , & new filed Inftruments & Arguments. It would prove long & tedious, to handle at length ( & to touch in fhort, upon them , may teem to tome to be but fuperficiary work ) all the various controverfies, that are on foot this ,'day, about the matter ofjuftification; & a fhort difcovery of the truth , in this matter , as to the molt principal things controverted ( to which others may be fo reduced, asa Scriptural difcovery of the truth , as to thofe , may ferve for a difcuffìon of the reff; at leaf' , fo pave the way , that a folution of thefe Inferiour Conr"roverfìes may be the more eafie ) may therefore be fufficient to filch , at leaft , whole Edification and Inftrudion we moltly Intend here; that is, Such, as are not in cafe to improve what is written ofGontroverfies in Scholaflick & abftrufe termes. And , I judge,, who ever handle this Controverfie in fuch termes only, or moftly, as are above the reach of ordinary Chriftians, who are herein as much concerned as others ,,mitTe that mark , which they fhould mainely aime at that is, .Edification & Inflruäion of fuck , whole high concernment this is; & who have molt need to be plainely inftrudted in this foundamental point of Truth It a Pradhcal miftake in which may prove to them deadly & deftrudtive ; & efpecially of fuch , who , when under the pangs ofan awakened Confcience,. & under the convidtions of fin, & fears of wrath, purfueing for fin, are then molt ready to take any courfe that may feem to promife prefent cafe & reliefe; & to be led away from Chrift, the onely peace -maker , through the flight of Satan, & the deceitfulnefs of their own heart; & through Ignorance of, or Mis- information about the true Gofpel -way of jollification & peace with God; whereby their Eafe & Reliefe may prove more deadly, than was their Diftemper & Difquier. As therefore , I Judge, this concerning Truth cannot be made plaine enough; fo I think, the lefs ufe be made of Philofophick or Scholaftick termes ( which none but fuch as are well verfed inthefe dry Nations, can competently un- derfland; & vwhich , though never fo handfomely, fet off, will prove ve- ry unfatiffying to awakened Confciences) it will be fo much the better; feing , let men pleafe themfelves in them , as they will, as they are not the, language , the Spirit of the Lord hath thought good to ufe in this matter fo they darken rather , than cleare the matter, at leaft to me. The A poftle ( that we may in fhort cleare the words, upon which we are to ground our Difcourfe ) in this verf. ii. after other Arguments, former- ly