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C H A 1°. L. The words of the Text explained, 5 ly adduced to prove the Thefis, which he laid down Chap. t. verf 16. to wit, That a man is not ¡unified by the workr of Law , but by the faith of Pp: r Chrift; he bringeth another Argument from Scripture, after he hath a- gaine repeated the one halle of the grand Thefis, by which the other is fuffi- ficiently underftoód , & more emphatically included in the ,probation, or Teftimony of Scripture adduced , Paying, Gal. 3: z I. But that no man is Juflified by the Law , in the fight of God, it is evident; for the juff fhall live by faith. E doth not explaine what is meaned by that word îufli fed; but pre - fuppofeth that there was no doubt, concerning the true meaning the- reof, among thofe with whom he had to do , in this Difput : as Indeed none, that confider what is the confiant ufe thereof, in the Old Teftament , ( well known to the Jewifh Teachers ) yea & in the New Te- flament allo, can doubt of its true Import how ever Pap:fir do quite mift N a- ke its true ature & Import, fupppfing that it fignifieth an Inward Reno- vation , or Infufor of Holínefs; & fo make it the fame with Santifica- tion. But as no man , acquainted with the Scriptures , & with what is faid of juftification in them , can be ignorant Of its right meaning ; fo every man, exercifed with the fenfe of his own natural condition , & of the curie of the Law, under which he feeleth himfelf lying , according to what is he- re faid , in the foregoing verle , readily underftandeth, what it is to be ju- flified & freed from that curie & Sentence of Condemnation ; & fo made free ftom the wrath that he is liable unto , becaufe of the broken Law of God : So that we need fay no more of it here. He faith, No man it ¡ußified by the Law; & fo, maketh no exception of any what fomever, no not of the holieft meet Man, that ever exifted fnce the fall : & this is of the fame import with that expreflìon Chap. z: 16. No fiefh; for by the works of the Law (ball no flefh be juiifed, So he hath the fa- me a preflïon Rgm.3: 2o. It is here faid, by the Law; in the origirnal ibis , in the Law : but the fenfe is the fame with that expreffion Chap. 2: i6.. thrice repeated, by the works of the Law. The Ethiopike Verfion here is rather a fhort Commenta- ry; for there it is; They are not juni f ed doing the command of the Law. It is obfervable , That the Apoftie ufeth variety of expreffions ,. in this matter, all tending to cleare this one thing. That there is no juftification by the works of the Law; fo as no coloure or fhew of evafionmight be lefrun- to any. -Rom. 3. zo. he faith it Y04», y4t8 , by or out of the works of the Law; as alfo. Gal, z: t6. And from. 3:28. xwt`rs ïpgOdY YÓ1,68, without the works of the Law ; they having no confideration therein. Rom. 4: z. É 4240v by, or out. of works. So that there is no juftification by the Law , nor by works ; nor by the: works of the. Law : all which expreffions are ufed to frgnifie one & the fame A 3 thing,