Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C II A P. 13. Mr, Baxter's opinion Ant Imput, examined. 195 Obedience & Suffering, is in a Law-fenfe made over to beleevers, & put upon their (core, & now accounted theirs; & they , becaufe thereof, accounted Righteous legally and juridically; and have therefore the EffeEls beftowed onithem. This being fo obvious , I wonder that Mr. Baxter cannot fee it. When a debtor is lying in prifon,for debt and a friend corneth & Sa- tisfieth the creditor for him by paying the furnme, in his place & !lead; the Law doth not impute that payment CO the debtor meerly in the effeds ; but imputeth the payment it felf, not in its Phyficalacceptation , as ifit judged that he was the man , that in his own Phyfical perfon told the money with his own hands , & brought it out of his own purfe, as the other did , but) in its legal force , vertue & efficacy , unto him , & accountedlim , in this Legal fenfe , to be no more a debtor unto the creditor; & therefore one that hath right to his liberty, & mull therefore be fet free from prifon. So, in our cafe , the Righteoufnefs of Chrifl, in a legal fenfe, as to its efficacy & vertue, is made over to the Beleever, & he thereupon is accounted Righ- teous , and no more a debtor , and therefore freeofthe Penalty. Further, Al- though he fay , that Mill's R,ighteoufnefi is imputed to us in the Effects ; Yet he knoweth, that that is ( in his judgment) but very remotely ; and that real- ly thefe effedts are more proximely the effeEts of Faith , which he calleth our Gofpel - righteoufnefs ; and that the Immediat effect and product of Chrilt's Righteoufnefs is the New Covenant; andthis NewCovenant being made with all Mankind ( as he thinketh ) Chrifl's Righteoufnefs is , in this immediatEffeit, imputed to all ßefh, Reprobat , as well as Elect. And. this is, in part , cleared from the words Immediatly following , when he faith, In as touch, as we are as really pardoned , juflified, Adopted by them , ar the Meritorious Caufe by the Infirumcntality of the Covenants Donation as if we owifelves had done & fuffered all that Chrifi did, For this Inflrumentality of the Covenant includeth the performance of the Condition thereof, i. e. faith; & this Faith is properly imputed for Righteoufnefs , as he faith : And the- refore, as the Covenant is the Effed of the merites of Chrift; fo pardon and Salvation muff be the Effes of Faith; ,and the Effects of Chrifl's Righ- teoufnefs only,in that he did procure the Covenant, which convey eth thefe to us, upon Cöi}dition of our performing of this faith, which is therefore called, by him, our Gofpel -Righteoufnefs. He giverh us next feure wayes (n. 31. rag. 6o. ) wherein the Lord is Paid to be ourRighteotrfnefr (an Expreffion that doth emphatically & more than fufficiently express the meaning of the Imputation of Chrifi's Righteoufnefs ) 1. In that (faith he) I-1e is the meritorious caufe of the pardon of all our fins, d7 our full jufli fication, ,Adoption dr Right to glory : dT by His Satisfaction and Merites only our jullification by the Covenant of Grace, againfi the Curfe oft he Law works, ispurcheufed. "inf. He cannot befail, by him, to be theMeri- torious Caufe of pardon , &c. But in as far as He is the Meritorious caufe of the Covenant , in which thefe bcnefites are promifed upon Condition of faith , our Gofpel - righteoufnefs, which properly and only is our Itnpu- ted Righteoufnefs, according to him; and fo Chiifl is our Righteoufnefs, in meriting that faith fhall be repute our Gofpel- righteoufnefs in order to A a our