Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C H A P. z. Naturally we cry tip Self in jußification. 13 quainted with the holy & righteous Nature of God , nor with the nature of His Lawes & Commandments &c. They know not , I fay , the Cor- ruption of their own Natures & the innate wickednefs which is there , which neither is , nor can be fubjeét to the Law of God. Hence ordinarily fuch as erre, in this matter of juftification , do interraine erroneous ap- prehenfions about Original fin & our innate Pravity ; as do all the Soci- nians, Papi1s , & many Arminianr & others. So they are ignorant of the Law of God, not knowing how Holy, Good & Spiritual it is; & how it obligeth the whole man , Spirit , Soul Judgment , Underflanding , Will, Affections & Memory ; & all the outward Man ; condemning the leafl fin , in Thought, word or deed, & commanding the highef} pitch ofho- ly duties, & right Principles , Ends & Motives &c. And hence they fee neither Omiflions of what is commanded , not theirCommifiìons of what is prohibited, whether as to their Nature , Multitude, or other Aggra- vations : and the ignorance of this maketh them to fee lets the neceffity of a Righteoufnefs without them ; & to feek for it with lefs earneftnefs & zeal : whence it cometh to paffe, ordinarily (as is to be feen among Pa- pitls ) that fuch as are moll for works, in juflification , fhape the Law ac- cording to their minde , & curtaile it, as did the Pharifees of old , that it may look more conforme to their works , when their works are no way conforme to ir, So likewife, they are ignorant of God , 8c of His Holi- nefs, & Righteoufnefs ; & becaufe they fee, that if He be Such , as the Orthodox fay He is`, according to His Word, they cannot Eland before His jul1ice; therefore they deny His júflice altogether , as do Socinianr; or Imagine Him to be all Mercy &c. & fo imagine Him to be altogether fuch an one, as themfelves ; & therefore are not very zealous for any other righteoufnefs, than what may come moll readily to hand , & they them - felves can make up with their own diligence & care; never remembering, that the juflice of God muft,be ratified; therefore deny all Satisfaction (as do Socinians ;) or fuppofe Chrift bath fatisfied for all , & procured a New Covenant, or way to life, wherein we may bring what we have , & it will be accepted, & there is no more to do: Nor remembering, that we muff have an Intereft in Chriftby faith, ere we have any Inrereft in His Merites & Satisfaction; & that the whole of our Salvation is fo contri- ved , as Man may be abated, & Chrift only exalted. III. A vaine conceite, that all things in Religion muff be juft as we apprehend them to be; & our blinde, corrupt & byaffed Reafon & Un- derttanding mall be the Suprearn judge & Determiner of all thefe Myfte- ries. Hence the Socinians down -right fay , that let the Scripture fay what it will, & how oft it will, they are to beleeve & to receive:nothing, but according to their Reafon : fo that, what their blinded Reafon cannotcom- prehend, they may & will rejeft. And others, who poflibly will not fo plainely lay down this ground ; Yet in fteadofconformtrtg their judgments and Apprehenfionsto the word, & of being led by it, do frame a concep- tion of the Matters of God, in their own heads, & then caufe the Scri- ptures comply with their Apprehenfìons , by Interpreting them according- B 3 ly.