Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

I Naturally we cry up Self in juftification, C r A P. a, ly. So that following a corrupt guide here , they cannot but incline to that way , which fuiteth molt with that corrupt Principle ; & be moti a- verfe from compliance with the Myftery of God , which is moll: oppoft- te there -unto. I V. Natural corrupt felflove is another evil Principle , concurring to this effect, by its malignant Influence. We love to cry -up ourfelves, to have fomething of our owne to boaft of, & to glory of before men ; and hence we cannot naturally comply fo (weedy with that way , which ta- keth away all boafting , & leaveth no ground for man to glory in any thing , 'fave in the Lord; & fuchis the way of faith , & of Gofpel- juftifica- tion kom. 3:27. & 4: 2. V. A vaine & groundlefs high conceire that people have ofthemfeI. ves , & of what they do , as if there were worth & excellency in it, to ob- lige God, to beftow upon them, what reward they think meet; not knowing, that when they have done all they can , they are but unprofitable, & that they have nothing but what they have received; & that for any good they do, they are more beholden to God , than God is beholden to them ; & that the belt of their aEtions are fo defiled , that they could not anfwere for one of them , nor fland , if God fhould enter into judgment with them , & X1y mark iniquity Pfa1. 13o: 3. & 143 :2. V I. Pride of heart is another malignant caufe of this Averfation & Un- willingnefs to comply with God's way ; & of this ftrong Inclination to the way of juftification by Works. This was it, which led the jewes away from Chrift , the end of the Law for righteoufnefs they would not fub- mit themfelves unto the righteoufnefs of God Rom. io: 3. & becaufe they would not bow themfelves to take on this Righteoufnefs, therefore they were at fo much paines & labour, to eftablifh their owns, Sc to caute it Rand. Proud man would work , & enjoy the reward of his laboures , & will not willingly hearken to any other way. He will not be beholden to free Grace, nor afcribe glory to the Lord Mediator; but will Rill be at the old way of the firft Covenant , at work & wages ; that he may have it to fay, he bath erned & purchafed the crown of life with his own hands & induftrie. Therefore, from this we fhould all take warning, to look about us, & to guard againft this ftrong & violent torrent, that is ready to carry us head- long to our ruine; & to be jealous of our treacherous hearts. Hence alto we may fee , whence it cometh , that the Gofpel getteth fo little footing among many ; & how nothing lets than the mighty power of God , will be able to prevail with a Natural Soul, & caufe it comply with the Gofpel - way of juftification, & fubmit it Pelf unto the Righteoufnefs of God, & hold on Chrift by faith. Further, We need not wonder to fee, fo many rifeing -up, in all ages, againft the Gofpel of the Grace of' God, & cor- rupting the Gofpel - Doctrine of juftification, feing blinded & unmortified Man is not in cafe, to be call in its mould, nor willing to embrace ir, untill he be broken, & broken over againe. CHAP,