Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C 13 A i,; r. Dangerous expreffions to be avoided. 2 t others ; And whether this be in ot an afcribing more to faith, than is done by fuch , as , yeelding it to be a condition , or the mean appointed of God, & required of us , in order to juflification , fay with all that it is to be confidered not i, it felf, nor as an aCt of our obedience; but as an lnfirument, or mean laying hold upon the Righteoufnefs of Chrift without us, that it maybe ours, & our onely Righteoufnefs, where upon we may expert, acs cording to the Gofpel juflification & abfolution , &c. 13. It tendeth too much to blow up proud Self, to fay , That if works of Obedience be not the Condition of our f rfi justification , yet they may be called the Condition of our Second juflification , or of the Continuance of our juflification : tor, as the Scripture fpeaketh nothing of a Second )(v- ilification ; fo to affert our works to be the Condition thereof, is to crofle the argueings of the Apoftie, & manifeflly tola.y a foundation ofglorying for Man : for if even Abraham had been juflified byworks, a confidera- ble time , after he was fiat juflified, and firfl a beleever , he should have bad , whereof to glory , though not before God , as faith the Apoille Rom, 4: 2. And very 3. he proveth that he was juflified by faith , & that after he had been a beleever ; fo, that patfage , Abraham beleeved rod , st was im- puted to him for rsghteou fnefs , was not fpoken of & at his finit beleeving; & fo cannot be properly meaned of his Farß luff:ification onely ; but force yeers there after: & therefore muff be truer of his Second juflification, if there were any fuch; Yea., the jufl liveth by faith ( a paffage that the Apoille ufeth (as wee have Peen ) to prove juflification by faith , both here in our Text, & Ram. 1t 17.) all alongs, both firft & lait ; fo that the beginning & continuance of this life of juflification is by faith, & not by works, 14. It is allo dangerous , to fay, That the work of the Law , convin- ing of fin , with the Effeas & Confequences thereof, Sorrow, griefe, Anx- iety, Legal Repentance, &c. are either Difpo;îtions, Preparations , or Conditions of luftification, or Meritorious thereof by way of Congruity;. as if there were a certaine & conilituted connexion betwixt thefe & the blefiing of juflification, made by any Law or promife of G.od; & as if none could be juftífied , that had not there fenfible & affeCting Elfeéls going before. Sure , the afferting of this cannot but contribute much , to itirre up & folter pride in Man, & give occafion to think, that man himfelf hath done or fuffered fornething, that calleth for, procureth, &, in con- gruity at lead,, meriteth juttiilcation. CHAP.