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C H A P. Ç; A life of jttfifc4tion, 3 t clothed with this noble robeof Rigteoufnefs, with Chrifl, whois the Lori eur 1Zighteoufnefs, and beareth this Name and Title, ter. 23: 6. An who it made of God unto us Kighteoufnefs. i Cor. 1: 3o. They may be looked upon as living indeed. In the Lord have they righteoufnefs , and upon this account, in the Lord are they juflified and shall glory , Efài.45: 24,25. Thisis the Kigh- teoufiQefsofGed, without the Law , which is witnejj'ed by the Law and the Pro- phets ; the righteoufnefs of God , which is by faith of jefus Chrìfl , unto all , and upon all them thatbeleeve. ß.m. 3 :21, 22. This is that faith, orobjedof faith , that was imputed to Abraham for righteoufnefs, Rpm. 4: 3, 5, 9. And the rigbteou fnefs, that God imputed) ivithaut works vers 6, i t . This is the righ- teauJnef s of faith, through which the promife is , vers 13. This is the rigteoufnefsI that shall be imputed to all who beleeve on Him , that ra :fed up jefus our Lord from the dead . vers 24. This is the free gift by grace , which is by one man , efus Chrif , that bath abounded unto many Rom. 5: 15. This is that aboundance of grace , and gift of righteoufnefs, which beleevers receive, whereby they reigne in life, by&netefùsChrifl, vers 17. And that righteoufnefs of one ; by which the free gift comcutpon all beleevers, unto juflificationof life , versuS. And the obedience of one, by which many are made righteous, vers 19. And that righteouf nefr, through which grace reigneth unto eternal life by ¡efus Chriß, our Lord, vers z I. This is the righteoufnefs of the Law , fulfilled in us , by Gods awn Son, whom He fent in the likenefs offinful flesh, Rom. S: 2, 3. This is Gods r:gteouf- nefs, to which the Jew es would not fubmit , but went about to efablish their own righteoufnefs : for Chrifi is the end of the Law for righteoufnefs to every one that beleeveth , Kam. i o: 3, 4. It is that righteou(iefs , which is of faith which the Gentiles have attained, who foxowed not after righteoufnefs ; & which I frael did not attain to , though they followed after the Law cf righteou fnef , becaufe they _fought it not by faith , but at it were by the werke ofthe Law , for they Humbled at that Humbling fone , 1ìom. 9: 30, 3 I, 32. By this are Believers made the righ- teouf nett of God in Him , who , though He knew not n , yet was made fin for us. 2 Cor. 5:2i. Tnis is that righteoufnefs, which is through the faith of Chrifi , the righteoufnefs, which is of God by faith, Phil. 3: 7, 8, 9. which Paul defired only to be found in , and that in oppofition to his own righteoufnefs , which is of the Law ; and for which he did account all things, which formerly were gaine to hirn, to be lofs & dung. Now, what a noble life of faiftyy and Security is this, for a poor naked finner, void of all righteoulbefs; and thereby expofed to the lash of the Law , to the CuTfe and wrath of God , to be covered with a compleet and perfe .t righteoufnefs , conlilting in full fa- tisfadion to all the demandes of the Law , both for doing and fuffering; with which the Self condemned firmer may now, with boldnefs and confidence, think of approaching unto , and appearing before the Tribunal of God ? who can exprefs the Serenity of Soul, the inward peace,caltnnefs,and Quiet - nefs of mind, the Joy , Cheerfulnefs and Exulting of heart , that follo- weth here upon ? How is the Drooping, Sincking, Dead and difcouraged Soul , that hath any fenfe or feeling of this , revived & quickened ? And howbeit the fenfe ofitbe away (as oft it happeneth) yet the change, that is hereby made, when the Lord imptiteth this righteoufnefs of Chrift , & cauferli