Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

A life of jufliftcatíoii. C H A p; 5: caufeth the Soul by faith to embrace ir, and accept of it , is as a RefurreEti iota from the dead. 5. They have, asabenefite, necefiarily following upon, and infepara.. bly accompanying this juftification , the noble and rich privilege of Adop- tion : For to as many , as received Hint , to themgave Hepoorer to become the Soner of God, ,doh., I: 12. And all thole , that are juftified , receive Him and His righteoufhefs , and reft upon ir. Being thus redeemed from under the Law , they receive the Adoption of Soner, Gal. 4: S. And being juflified by His grace, they are made heirs , according to the gopmf eternal life, Tit. 3 : 7. And by this as their State is demonítrated to be a State of life ; fo the many and exceeding great and rich, yea incomprehenfrbly glorius and excellent favours, Ad- vantages, and Privileges, that lye in the womb of this comprehenfive Pri- vilege, shew their life to be an excellent life : for (t) Being thus adopted, they have a new Relation unto God , as their Father, and they are His Children taken into His Family : they have His name put upon them they are called by His name , or His name is called upon them , ter. 14: 9. Then is that word make good , 2 Cor.6 -IS . I will be a Father unto you , and ye shall be my Sons and Daughters, faith the Lord God Almighty. Then is He their God in a peculiar manner , and they are His People , ter. 3 L I. Then have they written upon them the name of Chrifts God , and the name of the City of His God and His own new name , in its eartieft and beginnings, bevel. 3: I2. O! what a life is here, to ftand thus related unto the great God ? what an honourable life and Privilege is this , for fuch , who were by Nature Children of the Devil ! (z) Being thus Adopted , they have a Re- lation to all the Children of the Family and are united unto them, as members of the fame Familie, as Brethren or Sifters of the chofen Family. They are then among thofe, whom Chrift hath gathered together in one,, Ephef I: to. And belong to that Church, which is His Body, the fulnefs of .slim, that flleth all in all, vers 2t, 23. They have a relation now unto the Church Triumphant , as well as to the Church Militant; whence that is in part verified. Heb. 12: 22, 23. But ye are cerne unto. Mount Zion, arid unto the living God, the heavenly terufalem, dl' to an innumerable company of Angels ; to' the General Afembly dJ' Church of the fz'rfl born, which are written in Heaven, They are no more Strangers and Forreigners but fellow- citivns with the Saints, and of the hourhold of God, Ephef. 2: 19. (3) Being by Adoption Children, they are heirs, heirs of God, and joint -heirs with Chrifì', Rom. S: 17. Gal. 4:7. They are now begotten to an Inheritance incorruptible a^rd undefiled, and that fadeth not away, refereed in heaven for them. I Pet, 1:4. Hence they are heirs of Salvation, Heb. is t4. Being Abrahams feed , they are heirs according to the promife, Gal. 3:29. & thefe promifer they do inherite, Heb. G. I2. What a life hath the Son and heire of a great King , when he may look upon the ma- ny great Dominions & Kingdomes of his Father, as his own ? But what a greater life is it, when a poor firmer, that is now adopted through faith, may look thorow all the great and precious promues, contained in the Book of God, and fay all thefe are mine; and may look up to Heaven, & to that glory, which eye at never feel, , nor ear heard, nor bath it entered into the heart