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34 Able of juf#ification. CHAP. 5, to dole with Chri L This faith is the work of the Spirit of God alone; It is not of our felves, but the gift of God Ephef. 2:S. This beleeving is accor- ding to the working of his mighty Power , which he wrought in Chrifi, when he railed him from the dead Ephef.1: 19, 2o. Therefore is the Spirit called , the Spirit of faith, which all beleevers have z Cor. 4:13. for now, in order to the effectual producing of this grace of faith in the Soul , their mindes are enlightened to underhand Spiritually & Savingly , the things of God .61. 26: 18. For God revealeth them unto them by His Spirit, who only kn- weth the things of God; which Spirit they have received , that they might know the things, that are freely given them of God i Cor. 2: to, 11, 12. Now they have received the Spirit of Wifdom äc Revelation , in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of their underflandings being enlightened Ephef. is 17, 18. And as their mindes are changed, fo is their heart ; for the heart of (tone is ta- ken array , & the heart of flefh is given , according as was promifed Eek. 36: 26. & their wills are renewed & inclined unto good : They have gotten the one heart, & the New Spirit, E,ek. 11: i9. The Lord hath wrought in them both to will im to do Phil. z: a 3. Their heart is circumcifed to love the Lord , according as was promifed Deut. 3o: 6. And the Lord hash put His Spirit in them Eek. 26: 27. & thereby bath drawn them unto Chrih ?oh. 6: 44, 45. all which faith , that the life of God & of Grace is begun in their fouls; & the Spirit of life hath taken poffeflion of them, & abideth there & worketh. Thefe things cleare , how jufily the juftified foul may be Paid to live; in what refpects, the juftified (fate is a real hate of life. C H A P. V I. What myfieriesare in JuuIification. WHat was faid in the foregoing Chapter may by way of ufe, Firi, difcover unto us that Kindnefs and Love of God our Saviour, that bath appeared unto men, whereof the Apoflle fpeaketh, Tic. 3:4. For this is one remarkable Inhance thereof, and calleth for Admi- ration and praife from us, upon that account. O ". what Tendernefs, Love and Pity appeaieth here ! And what a wonderful Grace is this, that is here manifeiled ? what condefcenfion of Love and free Grace is clearly legible in this bufinefs ? And how clear and dihin a will all this appear to a felfcondem- ned firmer , arraigned in its convinced Confcíence , before the tribunal of God ; and then feeth , in the Gofpel , a well contrived way of abfolution , & clofeth with it ? How will all this fhine forth unto them with a heavenly Luftre and Majeftie? And how f weetly will their hearts acquiefce in this Sure and Safe way of obtaining life ? . . Secondly, This may difcover unto us, what a manifold wifdom of God is to be feen & obferved , in the;Gofpel difpenfation, that even Principalities and