Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C H A P. 5, A life of juflification 33 heart of man to conceive , & fay , all that is mine , through Jefus Chrift I am ferved heire thereunto , & have the begun pofon thereof, in mine Head & Elder Brother Jefus Chrift'? (4.) Being adopted, they have the earneft of the Spirit , fealing them to the day of Redemption for in Chrift they have obtained an inheritance, 1LT are fealed with that holy Spirit of proni fe, which is the earneff of our inheritance , until the redemption of the pur- chafed po j]eJon Ephef I: II, I 33 14. & 4: 3o. And who can exprefs what a life this is ? (5) Being adopted , they have free accefs to the throne of Grace with boldnefs, God being their Father , the door ftandeth open , & they may approach with liberty , freedom , & filial Boldnefs ; for through Chril!, they have an accefs by the Spirit unto the Father Ephef. 2: 1S. And in Him , they have boldnefs & accefr with Confidence, by the faith of Hinz Ephef. 3: 12, They may now come boldly unto the throne of Grace , that they may obtaine mercy , d7 finde gracefor help in time of need Heb. 4: i6. By Hire they have accefs by faith into the grace , wherein they /land Item. 5: 2. And here certainely is a life, the riches of the joy & Comfort whereof cannot be exprefied. (6) Being adopted , they receive the Spirit ofadoption , whe- reby they are delivered from that Spirit of Bondage , under which they were formerly; Sc are now Principled, Spirited & jmboldened to cry Ab- 6a,Father Rpm. 8. 15, That flavifh fear , under which they fome time we- re , is away , & they have now the reverential fear of Children , which doth not hinder , but encourage them to approach , with freedom & En- largment of Spirit & now they have the Spirit of prayer & Supplication, 'whereby they can call on God, as their Father in Chrift ; becaufe they a- re Soner , God bath Pent forth the Spirit of Hir Son , into thereheartr crying Ab- ba, Father Gal. 4: 6. What a refurredion from Death unto life is this, to have heart & tongue looted , & to be in cafe to fpeak unto the Father, in the language of the Spirit through Jefus Chrift ? (7.) Being adopted, they have a right to all the Privileges of the Sonesof God , & are under the Fatherly Care, InfpeEtion, Provifion, Protection , Leading, Teaching & Chaltifement of their kind God & Father Pfal. Io3: i 3: Prov. 3: I1, it.. & 14: 26. Mat. 6: 30, 32. I Pet. 5: 7. Heb. i2: 6. And o! what a bundle of Mercies of life is here ? The beleever may welcome all the Difpenfations of God , & receive them, as out of the hand of a tender- hearted Father; & fay Thus & thus doth my Father unto me; this is the hand & working ofa Father about me: This how fharpe fo ever it feem to be , yet is the effeEt of tender love , & floweth from the heart & bowels of a kinde & compaflionat Father to me. 6. Their jollification faith, They are tranflated out of nature , & deli= vered from that death , under which they did lye formerly , unable to per - forme any , even the leaft , vital a& of life : for before jollification, they are united unto Chrift by faith, life is begun in their foul , the feed of life is beginning to bud in them, & to bring forth fruit, when theyare ena- bled to beleeve, & to act faith upon, & to receive Jefus Chrift, as He is offered in the Gofpel. The fpiritual life is in them , & is working, when it moveth them Chriit- ward , & powerfully draweth & inclineth their Soul, E to