Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

41 what tnyfïeries in ju(fifrcatiors. CHAP.6. was obeying the Law ; thefe two being fo tnanifeflly different, So that it is clear , that if Chrilts obedience be not imputed to us no proper Righteouf- nefs is , or can be laid to be imputed to us. Yea (G) If Chrilts obedience be not imputed to us, that Law which faith, do this and live , is not fulfilleu; but rather abrogated & quite abolished : and it muff befaid , that notwith- flanding of that conllitution ofGods, we live , though we neither do this; nor is our Cautioners doingof it imputed to us. And fo we have a right to the Reward , & get it at length , without the Righteoufnefs required in order thereunto. Let us therefore admire the harmonious perfection of this Effed, & 'Work of infinite wifdom. I know feveral things are objeäed agaiuft this Truth , as there are many other grounds & Reafons adduced for the fame; but thefe I shall (peak to at more length afterward. 7. This is alfo a myflerie here to be noticed , That a Righteoufnefs , that is not ours inherently , but Chrifls, should be made ours, made over to us, & reckoned upon our fcore , or we become clothed therewith , & there upon juflified as Righteous, as really & effeetually , as if we had wrought it our felves , and it had been properly inherent in us. Sociniunr, Papißs, Ar- tninians & ethers , who will not fubjed their reafon unto this myftery , and give credite to Revelation, will acknowledge no fuch imputation of Righ- teoufnefs : but at moll do grant but an improper imputation ; that isan im- putation as to Effedts: fo that with them, Chrifl neither Suffered , nor o- beyed , in our (lead & room ; but only for our good & advantage ; & that too conditionally only , in cafe , we beleeve and performe the Gofpel- condi- tion. But this imputation as to EffeFts only , is no imputation at all , there being nothing thereby Imputed ; not the Righteoufnefs of Christ it fell; for this they exprefly deny ; nor yet the Effeéls themfeives, for we no where read oflmputed Juflification Adoption , Pardon &c. which are the EffeEls. Yea , it is not enough to them to deny this Imputed Righteoufnefs; but in contempt & fcorne , they call that, which we name an Imputed Righteouf. 'cep , a putative 1Zighteoufnefr, as if it were a meer imaginary thing. But whatever fuch in detiuon think or fay , the Gofpel holdeth forth ro us a Righ- teoufnefs imputed , or the Righteoufnefs of Chrill, gracioully bellowed u pon & made over to belevers, or freely given unto them , fo that they are dealt with by God, as Righteous Juridically & legally, or as poffeffours of fuch a compleat & perfc Righteoufnefs, & that as really, & to all E,Ifeds, as ifit had been their own inherently , & performed by them , & fo had been theirs without any fuch Imputation. And becaufe this , as the caufe, is imputed to them & made theirs; therefore all the Effeéts thereof (hall really & certainely be bellowed upon them , in God's appoin- ted time & methode. This is the Truth, which the Gofpel hold eth forth, to the folide peace , joy & comfort of Beleevers; the full clearing & vindi- cating of which would require a jufi Treatife. I (hall thereiore here propofe but a few clear & manifelt Grounds of this refreshful & comfortable truth, leaving the further profecution & vindication of them, & of other argu- ments , that are ufed in this matter , with the examination of what is ob- jeied on the contrary, till afterward. Firfi therefore, we fay, as Chrifl, who,