Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C ; A P. 6, what inyffeyies in julification. 43 who knew no fin , was made fin that is ; had the finnes of His people Iaid upon Him , & imputed to Him ; fo that they were all canted to meet toge- ther on Him Efai. 53:6. & He therefore was made aSacrificefor fin , or dealt with & punifhed , as a firmer , though no firmer inherently , but on- ly by Imputation , for He did;bear our griefs & carried our forrowes , ¿r was wounded for our tranfgreffions , e bruifed for our iniquities , Efai. 5 3: 4, 5. to wit , now imputed to Him by God , & reckoned upon His account , who knew no fin in Himfelf inherently : So are we made the Righteoufnefs of God in Him 2 Cor. 5: 21. that is, have His Righreoufnefs , who is God, imputed to us who were in our felves & inherently finners; & being in Him by faith are dealt with as Righteous. The matai fefl (cope of the plaçe, & the plaine Import of the word , mutt enforce this truth , on all , who are :not more than ordinarily blinded with prejudice. Secondly as Adam's' poflerity , who were not exitiing , when he tranfgreffed the Law of God , but were only in his loines , & federally comprehended with him , in that covenant, by God's voluntary difignation & appointment; & fo did not actually , & really eat that fluit , which Adam did eat ; yet have that fin & guilt fo imputed unto them , that it is really accounted theirs ; & nor meerly in its Effe s, for its Effedsare not truely Imputed, neither can be faied to be fo ; for that natural contagion & corruption of Nature , which is truely propagated to the pofterity , & all aóuall trangrefìions , the fruits thereof , cannot be faid to be imputed , becaufe they are really theirs, & inherent in them. But that original fin , which is the guilt of Adam's fir1t fin, is only it , which can be imputed ( uolefs we mean fuch an Imputation whereby our aCual finnes, which we commit, are faidtobeimputed to us, when they are laid to our charge, & we ;dually punifhed therefore) to them , who did not actually commit ir, in their own perfon ; & by ver - tue of this Imputation , they are accounted guilty of that feif fame fin; ía therefore are dealt with & punifhed , upon the account thereof, nolefs than if they had actually committed it themfelves , in their own perlons ; & no lets than Adam himfelfs was punifhed therefore. So ,are Beleevers, being by faith united unto Chrift , & made real members of His myttícal body, & now intereWed in Him, as His Children & Brethren , made partakers of His Righteoufnefs , & have it imputed unto them , for all ends & ufes, as if it had been their own , without any Imputation. The reading of the A potties difcourfe R9172. 5. from vers z z. & forward to the end , may fatiffy any as to this whole affaire , who will yeeld themfelves captives unto Truth : for upon this doth the`ApoIlle found His whole difcourfe & explication of the rich advantages , had by Chrift & His Righteoufnefs , clearing , & il- luftrating the fame by thatfrmilitude of Adam, whom He expreflycalleth the frgure of Him , that was to come vers 14. & fo afferteth , that as by one man fin entered into the world, & death by fin , dr fo death paled upon all , be- eau fe all did fanne ; fo by one man, Jefus Chrift , the fecond Adam , righteouf- nefs ontered into the world , dr life by it , e fo life paled fe upon all , that were in Him, becaufe they are righteous in Him, or have His righteoufnefs impu- ted unto theme Nay, in the following verfes, the matter is cleared with P 2 a t,