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C H P. 6. ti )at m ftcriesin juffif cation, which is therefore compared unto there , & in part explained thereby , for our better underftanding of the matter : but none of them , nor all of them do fully unfold the mvftery. And in it there is ground enough to fuppo- fe , Chrift to he a publick perron & a Reprefentative ; as an for afferting of this Imputation ; becaule Beleevers being thus united unto Chrift, are made partakers of His righteoufnefs , & of what He as Head & Huf band, did & fuffered, in their room & place; & they thereupon are blef- fed with all the fruits & effects thereof. Fourthly His being called a Surety Heb. 7: 21. doth alto give ground St confirmation unto this Imputation : for as He who becomethjSurety for another , undertaketh to do or fuffer, what he , for whom he is Surety , was obliged to do , or fuffer: As when Paul became Surety for Onefimur; &bound himfelf, as fuch , unto Phi- lemon, he would have Philemon., requiring all, that Onefnñir was due to him , at his hand , & reckoned upon his fcore ; & he undertook to fatif -,. fie him for this debt , or for what he could crave of; as we fee Philern, vers IS , i 9. If he bath wronged thee , or oweth thee ought , put that upon mine account I Paul have written it tvith mine own hand, I twill repay it. So what the cautioner doth , or fuffereth , as {'uch or according to his under- taking, is reckoned upon the fcore of the Principal debtor; as Paul' ing of what Onefimus was endue to Philemon, was to be reckoned on the fcore of Onefimus, & imputed to him, that he thereby might be freed, frcm all purfuite of Law, or a &ion againft him at the Inftance of Phile- mon. Wherefore as Chrift ,: becoming Surety for His Children , & ray- ing to the Father , Lo, I come , in the volumne ofthey book it is written of me , I delight to do thy will ; ô God Pfal. !Fo: 7, S. Heb. io. 7: did take upon Him - felf the debt of (inners, & engaged to pay all ; that is , both to give per - fect Obedience to the Law , & fulfill all Righteoufnefs Mat. 3: 15. as iilfo to pay the penalty to make Satisfaction to Juttice, by becoming a Curfe , & (offering Griefs, Sorrowes, Bruifings , Mockings, & the cur- fed death of the Crofs : for all this He did willingly & cheerfully. I. have ( laid He) a baptifine to be baptised with , (meaning His death ) d^ bola am I firaitened (or pained) mill it be accomplifbed LUK. 12: 5 0, He laid down His life , that He might take it againe ;. & no man took His life from Hirn, againft His will; but He laid it down of His own accord lob. to: 17, IS. And as Chriftdid really & actually performe all , that He did undertake, fo that He Paid upon the Crofs, it it fnifhed: It muff of neceflîty follow, that all they, for whom He became Surety , & undertook to do & fuffer what was laid upon Him, mutt have that Imputed , & made over unto them , & they mull be clothed with that robcof Righteoufnefs, which He did ma- ke or them , & mutt appear before the throne of juftice clothed therewith. Fifi y Chrift's making proper & full Satisfaction to the Fathers in the Name & room of His people, faith allo, That there is an Imputation of Chrill's Righteoufnefs unto them , for whom He performed that Righte- oufnefs; as His Satifaction muff be for them. So that if Imputation be de- nied , Satisfa &ion alto mutt be denied. Hence the Socinians wickedly de- w both : & indeed, who ever deny the one, mull allo deny the other, or nçt