Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

44 PTiiat Myf> ones inJuf ification. C H A P. 6. an advantage unto Beleevers in Chrift. But ( faith he vets 15, i6, 17, i8, 19.) flot as the offence, fo alfo it the free gift; for if through the offence of one , many be dead much more the grace of God, & the gift by grace , by one nnanrefus Chrifi, had) abounded unto many, &c. And fo he goeth on to fhew what & how great things beleevers receive from Chrift , with no lefs , Yea rather with much more of a certainity, than the Pofterity of Adam were intereffed in what he did : and therefore , as judgment was by one to condemnation; (faith h e ) fo the free gift is of many offences. unto !uglification ; if by one mans offence, death reigned by one ,- much more they who bel ee ve or receive aboundance of 'grace, d.5" of the gift ofrighteoufnefs, fhall reignein life by one IefitsChrifl. Anti as the offence of one Adam was imputed unto all , & thereby guilt & judgment carne npon all , making them liable to condemnation : So by the righteouf- nefs of one jefus Chrift, imputed to all,. that receive this aboundance of grace & of the gift of righteoufeefs , the free gift of juftification corneal unto them , reconciling them to God , & inflating them for life. And the ground & reafon of this is laid down vers 19. for as by one mans di fobedience, many were made inners ; & fo were guilty, & made liable to judgment & condemnation ; So by the obedience of one , that perfeCt obedience to the Law, that ChrifI performed , oppofite to Adam's tranfgref ion & difobedience, pal many be made righteous , that is , conftituted righteous; & therefore dealt with as fuch through this imputed righteoufnefs & fo juftified & made heirs of life : for vers zr, he addeth a. fir hath reigned unto death, even fo grace mutt~ reigne , through righteoufnefs, unto eternal life , by refùr Chrif, our Lord. They then , who will deny , or oppofe themfelves unto this Im- ptttation. of Chritt's righteoufnefs, mutt do manifea violence unto the who- le difcourfe of the Apoftle, in this place. Thify. Hence another eviden, cing ground of this imputation t for as what is"done by a publick perfon, reprefenting others, whether upon one ground,, & after one manner, or another, is accounted legally to be done by thofe, who -are reprefented, & they are dealt with accordingly, as Adam was a publick perfon., repre- fenting all his potter ity , that were to come of him by ordinary generation, according to the ordination & appointment of God : So Chrift, of whom Adam was a figure., was a publick perfon, reprefenting all, whom the Father had given to Him, & for whom He had undertaken, & for whole fake He fan&tifed Himf if Yoh. 19. & become their Brother taking on their Nature. Heb, 2: t1, 14. & becoming like them in all things, fin only excepted Heb, 2: 17. comp: with Heb. 3: 15. Therefore He t00%not upon Him the Nature of Angels, but the feed of Abraham Heb. z: 16. & He was the Captaine of their Salvation, vers to. He is allo made & called the Head of the Church , which is, His body & fulnef Ephef 1: 22,13. d,' 5: 2 ;. Col. 1: 18. and fo He with His Church make up one myftical body, whereof He is the Head, & Beleevers are members; Thus there is a cloft& myth- cal union betwixt Chrift & Beleevers; beyond; any union, that is in Na- ture, whether it be that of Head & members, of Root & Branches, of King & Subjects, or of that betwixt Hofband & wife, for all thefe are but dark refemblances of this Spiritual Union betwixt Christ & Beleevers, which