Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C H n P. 6. what myfleries in jufiicatiost. 47 us for the fame ? See Soh; 3: 16: (3) Was it no At of Soveraigne grace & mercy , that God should both provide a Mediator & Surety for us, & ac- cept of His Mediation and Satisfadlion , moil freely , out of free Grace and Love , when we neither had done , nor could do any thing to move Him hereunto , or to procure this at His hands ; yea , when all our carriage all that .He could fee in us, did rather cry aloud for the contrary dealing ? (4) Was it no AdlofSoveraigne Grace , that God should provide all this remedie for a few , whom He did choole for Him felf out of free Grace and Love , and gave away to Chrifl , to bee redeemed by Him , leaving the ref(, & palling them by, though no more unworthy , than fuch , as were chofen ? (5) Is it no A d} of grace & mercy , that in order to this great favour o'jufli- fication , no more should be required on our part , than faith in Jefus Chrift ; feing this very faith , including an Union with and a marriag- confent unto Chrill , is , in it felf, a favour nothing, in a manner, inferiour tothe par- don of all our finnes, & ro the accepting of us as Righteous , in His fight ? (6) Is jullification no Ad of grace and mercy , though it be upon the account of the obedience and Satisfadlionof Chrifl; when that very faith , which is only required of us , in order to our full interefl in Chrift & His merites, is alto the free gift of God, Ephef. z: S ? If thefe particulars will not aboundant r fay that we are faved in jultification by grace , & by the exceeding riches of Gods grace & kindnefs towards us through Chrifl jefus , according to Ephef, z: 7. what will ! 9. Here is agreat and wonderful myflery , in this matter , That the In- nocent should fuffer , and the guilty efcape & go free. The Socinianr, that they may flrengthen them (elves in their mifchievous prejudices againft the Satisfadlion of Chriff, imagine an Impofhibility here, & an Inconfiflency with Juflice that an Innocent perfor should be put to fuller. But what ever they dream , who will walk in thefe myflerious matters by no other guide , than the dim light of corrupt nature , it comporteth aboundantly with Juflice,that the Surety be put to pay what he hath undertaken to pay, for the principal debtor. And here was no wrong done to our Surety ; Jefus Chrifl , who. willingly undertook this debt, and was lord of His own life, having abfo- lute power to lay it down , and power to take it up againe, and to raife him felf from the dead; & knowing withal!, how richly to compenfate & make up that lofs another way , fo as He should be no lofer, when He should fee His Seed, and receive the rich reward of His laboures from the Father, whole Servant He was , in this affaire. Here is then a myflery of wifdom, Grace and Love , that the Innocent Lamb of God , who knew no fin, who did no violence, nor was guile found in his mouth, z Cor. 5: 21. Efài. 53: 9.. Who when He was reviled, reviled not againe. I Pet. 2:22, 23. Who was Holy, harmlefs , undefiled and feparat from Dinners, Heb. 7: z6. That He should bemadefinby God, z Cor. 5: 21. And fo legally guilty, & obnoxious to the punishment due for fin ; that He should be made an High Prieff to offer up Him fella faci ifice for fin , Heb. 9: 14, 28. That He should bear our griever, di' carry our forrowec . and be wounded fur our Tran fgref)ïonr , and brui j'ed for our drdiquities; that the punishment of our peace should be upon lima; & He should have