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48 What A4yf#eries in juii fic4tion. 6. C HAP. Tripes , & be oppref?ed& afiiled , and be cutt off out of the Land of the living; have Pokes. upon Thin , &make His grave with the wicked; be bruifed be Tut to griefe, and make Hir foul an offering for fin. Efai. 5 3: 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8,9,10, TIM he , who could not be charged with fin , should yet be put to fitffer molt grieveous torments , itnmediatly in his foul , Mat. z6: 37, 3 8. & 27: 46. Luk.22: 44. Job. 12:27. And paines in his body, Mat.26 . & 27. Chapters. That He should die, and that He should die the Shamful , Pain- ful, and curfed death of the Crofs, Gal, 3:13. Phil. 2. 8. And , upon the other hand , that we who were the liinners, and guilty, and fo obnoxious to all the miferies ofthis life , to death it felf , and to the pairies of hell and wrath ofGod for ever , should efcape , and be healed by His pipes , Efai.53 :5 I Pet. z: 24. & become the righteoufnefs ofGod in Him. z Cor.5:21. And be jufti- fied and made heirs of the promifes ; O ! what an unfearchable myftery of Love and free grace shineth forth here ? so. This is an a Part of this Myftery, That nothing fhould be forgi- ven & yet all fhould be forgiven. Nothing was forgiven to our Surety, He paid all that was required of Him ; for the Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all. He gave full obedience to the Law , in all its demandes , & made perfect & compleat SatisfaCtion for our Offences; fo that the Father was well pleafed in Him ; & the fame was at two feveral times declared , & ex- preffed out of heaven ; once at His Baptifhe, Mat. 3:17. & againe at His Tranffiguration , Mat. 17: 5. The fword of Jufiice was awakened againft Him , though He was Gods fellow , Zech.13: 7. And did abate Him no- thing of what was due. The Lord Jefusgave him fèlf for ur , an offering and a Sacrifie to God , for a ftveet finelling favour , Ephef. 5: 2. He is a perfeét High Prieft, continueing for ever , having an unchangable Prieß -hood, and there- fore is able tofave them to the uttermolf , that come unto God by Him; for He nee - deth not daily as the High Prießs under the Law to offer up Sacrifie Ali for His own finner, dg' then for the People; for this He did once, when He offered up Him- felf : for the word ofthe Oath maketh Him a Prieß, who is confecrated, for ever more, Heb. 7:24, 25, 26, 27. And yet, though He had nothing forgiven or abated to Him , while ftandingin our room but paid all to the outmoft farthing ; all notwirhflanding is freely forgiven to us , and we have'bleffednefs, by the Lords forgiving our Iniquities, &covering our fins , or not imputing them to us, Pfal. 32: 1, 2. ftom. 4: 7, S. Our Redemption is forgivenefs of finnes Ephef. 1: 7. Col. 1: 14. And all finnes muff be forgiven to us, or our Redemption fhould not be perfect, nor we faved ; for one fin would ruine us for ever; becaufe if the Lord fhould mark iniquity , & enter into judgment , no man fhould ftand , & no flefh fhould be juftified PM, 130: 3. e 143: 2 II. Here is another Myftery, confiderable in our juflification, That though thereby we be declared & pronounced righteous, & fo acquire & abfolved from what was, or might be charged upon us; Yet we have need of Pardon , & muff be freely pardoned. Socinians cannot or will not fee the Conexion, that Infinite Wifdom hath made here; & therefore make ufe of forgivenefs & free pardon of finnes, as an Argument , wherewith to fight againft true Gofpel juRifïcation, or the juftification of a firmer upon the