Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

THE PREFACE. pardoned by faith in the promife. In his Epifile to the' Galatians, he likewiíc preffeth this Do&rine againft the herefie of judaizing ivMinifters,who would have mingled the Law with the Gofpel , and rejects their fentence as another Gofpel worthy to be Anathematized, with every one who reacheth it, though even an Angel from Heaven; flnce he faith upon the matter , that Chrilt is dead in vain , as we fee Chap. I. 8, I I . Chap. I r . How happy were the Church in there dayes, if the D-o- &rine of Gofpel Juftification did continue pure , & could be propagated & tranfmitted to the following ages ! But it is too manifet that the Chriflian Church , by Heathe- nish & Jewish errours upon the one hand, & by Pelagian infufions on the other, bath loft a great deal of her primiti- ve finceritie & puritie. Certainly the Roman Superfti- tions, tending only to the eftablishing of humane Righte- oufnefs in Gods fight, are clear demonítrations of a corru- pted doctrine, yea of that Apoftacie of the latter times fo oft foretold by the Apoftle Paul. For we fee that Popery is wholly erected upon a Judaical & Pelagian Righteouíhefs, proceeding from the bitter root of the HeathenishFree -will, whereby the corruption of Nature is denyed, lin excufed, the faculties of Nature, as fuflicient to all good works, allerted;efpecially whenthey are fuftained by afu fJi'cientgra- ce given to all men for obtaining eternal happinefs. But this great errour, worthy of the Apoffles Anathema , was abominable in the eyes of our Proteftant Fathers : and the- refore the Doctrine of a contrary Gofpel- Juilification was the greateft reafon of feparation, cfpecially when they heard the trumpet from Heaven founding and crying, come out of Babel, my people, thatye be not partakers of her fins , and that ye receive not of her plagues. And herein we muff admire the wonderful providence of God, that the Prote- * 3 ftants>