Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

THE PREFACE. ífants did aggree in this point of Juttification, even when their minds were diffra&ed about the Do&rive of the Lord's Supper : and it is known how careful the Lutherians are, even to this day , in following the Doftrine of their Mailer in this great Article. But alas! it is a fad & lamentable thing , that Arminians being fomented by the Kings of France & Spain as the im- mediate way to introduce Popery , faith Nilfon in his Hi- florie of Great Britainpag. i I 9. ) when they adopted the Pelagian grounds, did forfake the imputation of the Righ- teoufnefs of Chrift, becaufe they could not join this great myftery of the Gofpel with the opinions of Univerfal Gra- ce & Redemption, as appears in the writings of Epifco- Pius, Curcelleeus, Limburgh , and others, filled not on- ly with Arminian, but alto with wicked Socinian errours against the Divinity & Satisfa&ion of our Saviour Jefus Chrif}. And how could it be thought, that thofe books should have been accepted & approved by Reformed Divi- nes & Churches, as we fee they are in our neighbouring Kingdom of England? O what errours in that Nation are oblerved & complained of before by Honorius Reggius in his book de Statu Ecclefix Britannic se , errours tending even to the ruine of the Proteflant Caufe ! And what shall we fay of the latter books, written by Bull, Parker, Sher- lock, and others, againfi the principles of Reformation , ex- prefTed hitherto with great agreement in all the Confeflions of Reformed Churches. Yea even thofe who were purer in appearance, prefling the moral duties & prahical dotri- ne of pietie (I mean the followers of that famous Mini- fter Mr. Richard Baxter) did corrupt the true Do&rive of Juflification, becaufe they adopted Univerfal Grace and Redemption. For fufpending finch an Univerfal Redem- ption as Conditional, upon the vertue of Faith, taught, that