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C 14 A P. 6. What myfteries inju(tiftcation. 57 concerning juftification , hath another heavenly luftre (as it floweth from another fountaine, & ftandeth upon another ground) and looketh more li- ke true holinefs, & univerfal fincere obedience , than what is to be feena- mong fuch , as lay moll weight upon their-own duties, whether we (peak of Papifis, Socinians Arminian!, or of others. And whatever inconfi- flency men may imagine to be betwixt free jollification , through the Im- puted Righteoufnefs ofChrift , and the Untverfal , Sincere, & Accepta- ble Rudy of holinefs , yet the Gofpel knoweth no fuch thing ; but preffeth holinefs , though not for this end , that we may thereby he put into a flare of juftification , or might fweat & -iile, run & work for the prize, as the hire & wages of our work; yet upon more Spiritual & Gofpel like grounds; and by Arguments more futabie to the flare of the juflified, who only are in cafe to performe acts of obedience, and duties of holinefs, acceptably unto God; Such asthelmage of God propofed for our Imitation ; the per- petual obligation of His Law ;the Relation they Hand into ; the holy ap- pointment of God; the engagments they (land under, the Spiritual help & furniture , which is at hand , the Nature of holinefs it felt; the genius & kindly inclination ofthe new Nature, whereof they are parrakers; and the many advantages thereof here and hereafter , too many , here to be mentioned. Let any confider the Arguments, ofed to this purpofe by Paul korn. 6.6' 7. d?' S. Chapters, and in many places elfewhere, & he shall finde this true . C H A P. VII. juilification through the Imputed Righteoufnefs ofChriff, cleared out of the Old Tetlament, & the Paíia- ges Vindicated from the exceptions of JOHN GOODWINE. WE (hall now proced unto another ufe, & mentione another way, how this Truth , That belevers in Chrift attaine unto a life in ja- ftification , ought to be improved , to wit Secondly That we may hence take notice of a loud call herein to all Perlons, not yet juftified , to beware of a cheate in this matter, & not fix upon a wrong bottom in Jufli- fication , nor lay their weight on any thing within themfelves , or on any thing elfe whatever, except upon the Imputed Righteoufnefs of Chrifl alo- ne, which they are to embrace & toleane to by faith. If they leane to their own works, and make theta the condition & ground of their juflification, they will be difappointed ; for by the works of the Law can no man be juflified , in the fight of God , as the Apoftle afl'erteth , & proveth , in our Text, & irrefragably concludeth R n.3:2o,23. & in feveral other places. Yea, if they leane unto faith it felf , which is called for only to interefie us in the Righteoufnefs of Chriít, that free grace may be exalted , & proud H mass