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. !ï; 58 7: /7if. through ch. Right. cleared out of the o. T. C H A P. 7. man abafed , they deceive themfelves; & not only difappoint themfelves of what they are expelling , but even deftroy the very Nature & Ends of true Gofpel- juftifyíng faith : for its native & proper work is, to carry the . man out of him felt wholly unto Chrift , for Righteoufnefs , Life & Salva- tion : for faith is the Mans looking to Chrift, as the flung Ifraelite in the wildernefs did look unto the brazen ferpent ?oh. 3: 14, 15. and Paying, as it is Efai. 45: 24.. In the Lord have I righteoufnefs : and it is the beleevers putting-on of the Lord Jefus, that he may be found in Him , & clothed with His Righteoufnefs Phil. 3: 9. It is the Man's receiving of Chrift ¡oh. is Iz. and receiving of the Atonement in Him , & through Him. !toms: 11. and of aboundance of grace & of the gift of Righteoufnefs. Roma 5: 17. Therefore it is called a beleeving on His name. ¡oh. i s 12. & oh Him, whom the Father hath P e n t dfc. ¡oh. 6: 29 e7: 35. 17: 20. tilt. 16: 31. if 19: 25. And becaufe faith ]aid hold on this Righteoufnefs of Chrift; the- refore is this Righteoufnefs called the ftighteoufnefr of faith (tom. 4: 11. & the righteoufnefs, which is of faith (tom. 9: 30. & that, which is through the, faith of Chrift, the ftighteoufnefr, which is of God by faith, Phil. 3: 9. Now if this be the native work of jullifying faith ( as we (hall more fully cleare after - ward ) to receive Chrift , and His Righteoufnefs; & confequently to car- ry the Man out of himfelf, that he may. finde & partake of than al fufficient Righteoufnefspot Chrift, to the ,end he may with confidence ftand before God , and slipss. pardon and Acceptance; It cannot be Paid without de flroying the7- Native work of juítifyingfaith , that faith is that Gofpel Righteoufnefs,unro which they may leane,& upon the account of which they may expect juftification. Faith,in this matter, is as the eye of the Soul', char,, Teeth not itfelf, but looketh out to another. Beftde, this would overturne the whole Nature of the CovenantofGrace, and is irreconcilable with the dottrine of the Apoftle Paul about juftification, as (hall be manifeflcd. hereafter. Therefore, all, who would live the life of juftification, mull betake themfelves to Jefus Chrift, & leane to Him, & to His Righteouf- nefs : for with the robtof His Righteoufnes muft they alone be cloathed, & in Chrift alone muft they be found; & they mutt think of (landing before God , having on His Righteoufnefs, that God imputeth unto Beleevers, & which they receive by faith in order to their juftification. I know , this doctrine is not favourie to many , now adaies, & as Papifis, Socinians & Arminiant do oppofe themfelves with all their Indufirie & lear- ning unto this dottrine of the Imputation of the Surety -Righteoufnefs of Chrift ; fo there are now a dayes , and have been of late, who would not willingly be reckoned among either of thefe mentioned, and yet do oppo fe this foundamental truth, the lure ground of our Hope, Peace & Com- fort. As the Principles, whereupon thefe mentioned go, are different, fo are the grounds, upon which they plead againft this truth ; yet they do unanimoufly enough joine in this, to cry down , & argue againft this Im- putation , which the Orthodox have owned and do owne. Before I come to confider the chiefe (at leaft ) of their Arguments a- gainft the Truth ,, which bath been now afferted, I shall, with what bre- vity