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6o tttfti f . through ch. Right: cleared from the o. T. C H A P. 7. out their eyeing of the Lord, and coming to Him, and that in order to their juftification and Salvation; together with their profeflion of owneing the Lord's Righteoufnefs alone, for their Righteoufnefs , renouncing all other Righteoufnefs, in themfelves, or in others , in order to juflification: and thereby declaring, that they look 'upon it as neceffary for them to have a Righteoufnefs ; and that this is onely the Righteoufnefs of Jehovah , or of the Mefliah , where with they defire to be clothed ,and ref} fatisfied. All which import the Lords befl:owing of this Righteoufnefs upon them, that is "imputing of it unto them;. for without this they cannot have it , nor glory in it, as their owne. Secondly , it is faid Efai, 6I: t o. I will greatly rejoice in the Lord ; My Soul shall be joyful in my God ; for He bath clothed me with garments of Salva- tion , He hash covered me with the robot' 1Zighteoufnefs &c. And this coming itt upon the back of what was faid , in the beginning of the Chapter , con- cerning Chrifi's furniture for His work of Mediation His Call thereto and His fpecial. work , or the End , for which He was fent,to wir,to binde up the bro&en. hearted, , to proclame liberty to the Captives &c. pointeth forth the fweet welcome , and hearty acceptance , that the anointed Mefliah should have among His own chofen ones :. fors thefe words hold forth their ex- prefiion of their fenfe of what they had received from Him , and of their joy upon the account thereof. They profeffe openly their joy & rejoiceing in the Lord , becaufe He had clothed and covered them with the garments of Salvation, and with the rolatof Righteoufnefs, Now thisrobsould not be a robe of their owne making; nor can it be underflood of their Inherent holinefs ; for it is a Garment put on,and wherewith they are covered. Thus are we faid to put on the Lord Jefus Rpm. 13: 14.. Gal._3: 27. And John. km 19: S. helpeth us to underfland the meaning of this Exprefïìon , when he faith. And to her was granted, that ,the should be arayedin white Lino; clean and white : for the fine Linen is the R..ighteou fnefs of Saints.. Againft this Teflimony; the fore -named Author to. Goodwin. pag. 13o. &c. maketh fome Exceptions . as ir. Thefe Exprefjions (fais he) concerne the jewes onely, and are weaned of their deliverance out of Babylon ; if not out of their prefene Condition; which it an effetï of God's faithfulne fr aid truth or of his goodnefr and gracioufnefs. Anf. (I.) To limite this to the ;ewes , and to their outward and temporal &livery , is but a part of their Socinran fi6tion, without any apparent ground in the Text. Nay , the firff part of the Cha- pter, which Chrift applieth to Hirrrfelf Lull. 4. and the feveral particulars there mentioned,, may shame this out of countenance ; unlefs we mitide to- make Chrift only a temporal deliverer', as the jewes did dream their Mel- fias would be.. And the Gofpel teacheth us Spiritually to expound , as poin- zing forth Spiritual prornifes , even fuch promifes , as favoure more of tem- poral things , as to the letter, thanwhat are here mentioned do (2.) it is but ground -lefs to imagine ( and a piece of the ordinary courfe of Socinianr, in evading clear Teftimonies of Scripture, brought againft them ) that fZigh- teoufnefs here doth fignify God's faithfulneft for though fon-,ewhere , whe- re mention is made of God's Righteoufnefs, and other circumtìances of the Text-