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C H A P. 7. 7uf. if through Cri. Right;: ¿'erred out of the D.r. 6r Text make it evident , this fenfe might be admitted ; yet it cannot be fo un- deritood here , where the Righteoufnefsis faid to be granted to the people, as a robtand a garment to cover them and the very following words of the . erfe show, that this is weaned of Some thing , bellowed upon them , for it is added , as a bridegroom decketh himfelf with ornament; , and as a bride ador- neth her felf with her jewel;; or , as Some render the words , He bath decked me with ornaments , as a bridegroom, and with jewels as a bride. z. He excepteth , If thefe words be taken in a Spiritual fenfe, the' promife, which it contained in them,cannot fuite the Church; becaufe the Church is at all ti- mes and alwayes clothed with Chriji's 1Zighteotr fnejs , being jufli fled in Him Anf. This one anfwere will deftroy all the Spiritual promifes , held forth by the prophets , as the fruits & effec`is of Chrift's coming; for the Church of true and faithful beleevers was really , in force meafure anfwerable to that more dark difpenfation made partaker of thefe Saving and Spiritual benefices, both at that time, and before , even from the beginning : and thus there shall be no promifes in all the old Teftam. of Spiritual things, touching par- don of Sin , Jollification , Grace and San &ification,and the like, made unto the Church ; but all of them mutt be interpreted of carnal things though the New Teft. teacheth us the contrary , as might be evinced by multitudes of places. But the matter is clear , to wit. That this is mentioned , as the open profeflion of the Church , with joy and thankfulnefs , of what she was bleffed with , and made partaker of in Chrift ; and had , as a fruit and effect of His performing His Mediatory work ; that is , That she was clo- thed with a robeof 1? ighteoufnefs; and that by Him , which was and would be to her a ground of perpetual joy , and rejoiceing in the Lord,. Againft that pallage Itev. 19: 8. which was adduced for clearing of the place , now under hand , he excepteth. thus , There words only pointe forth the honour and dignity , which Chrifl now conferreth upon the Church , in remem- brance of her Itighteou fne, fs : for it it parallel to that other place R,ev. 3: 4. An f. This is noshing, but a plaine perverfìon oft he.Scriptures; for it is not faid,, for ber Itighteoufnefs; nor for the Itighteoufnefr of the Saints : but in thefe words a reafon is given , why by this araying in hne Linen , the bride is faid to be made ready and withal] hereby the figni &cation and Import of that fine linen is held forth, when it is faid, for the fine linen is the Itighteoufnefs of the Saints. The Spirit of the Lord is here (peaking of the returne of the jéwes ,. and of their marrying of new with their former husband ,. from whom they had fa long departed, by playing the harlot; (as worthy and judicious. M. Durham sheweth , in his comment on the place) and of this new Bride it is raid, that she is arayedin fine linen, clean and. white; and this linen is explained to be the ighteoufnefs of Saints , or jufli fications of Saints , 'the word is LX:ti .ca7x , the fame , that isufed Rom. 4: 16, 18: where it is Iran - Hated jujti(cation; and it is called here the It ighteoufnefs,. or juf1ifcations of Saints , becaufe it is no other than that which is common ro all Saines ;. whereby is lignífied, that the jewes, at their converfion, shall be accep- ted and juftified, after the fame manner, that alle the Saints have been; even after that fel£ fame manner, at which they formerly (fumbled, and. , which