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C H A P. 7. 3tuffif. through Ch. Right. cleared from the O. T. 63 Satisfatlion d? Righteoufnefs and in this fenfe, it would not beabfi,rd, íf any should fay , that the Righteou fnefr ofChriff áT His merites are imputed unti us, as if we our Myer had fatif fled. Deiuflif. lib. 2. cap. io. Fourthly, adde to this 3er. ;; : i 5, 16. where , as Junius & the Dutch tran- llation have it this fame Title is repeated, as given unto the righteous Branch : but if we take the words, as they are rendered by others , & as they are in our Tranflation, as the Stile & name of the Church, they willcon tribute not a little to our prefent purpofe. And this, wherewith she shallbe called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUS N E S : for hereby is clearly Imported the Churches glorying in that Title , & in having all her righteoufnefs in & through her Head & Husband ;. that as she owned herfelf to be the Spoufe of Chuift , & had His name called upon her ; fo this would be all the name, that she would owne , as her greateft glory; & by that alone would fhe be called ; thereby profefling, with glorying & fatisfaclion, that fhe had no righteoufnefs of her own; & if any would know her aright , & give her her highest titles they fhould know her under that notion , & give her that Name , that should openly declare , that she we void of Righteouf- nefs in her felf, & ungodly, & had all her Righteoufnefs from her husband , & would appear before God in no righteoufnefs, but in her huf- bands. So that she would owne that Title alone, which fhould be a prrcla- mation to all the world , that she was covered with her HIusbands, righteouf- nefs , & with that alone, & a conftáht Memorandum , to keep her in the frefh conviction, Faith & Profeflìon of this. Againft thefe clear &pregnant pafl'ages lob. Goodwine excepteth. pag. tz7. faying It is not here [aid, the righteoufnefs of the Lord shall be ourrighteoufrefs, or rhall be imputed to ks for righteoufnefs. Avf . Though this be not laid , info many words & fyllai , yet that fame is faid in a more clear, convinceing & emphatick manner : fo that he, who feeth not this lying in thefe words., mutt be more blinde than Bellarmine was. When this righteous Branch is railed up by Jehovah, & getteth this name, the Lord our kighteoufñefi, what can be more manifeft, than that, He is made Righteoufnes to His people ; Yea & all their Righteoufnefs ;. & that this Righteoufnefs is made over tothem. fothat He is, in a manner, wholly theirs, & nothing but theirs, & all that He hath is theirs; & particularly that His Righteoufnefs is all the Righteoufnefs they owne, as their Righteoufnefs. He excepteth 2 That in no tolerable fenfe, can Chrii, being a perfon, be faid to be imputed to ur. Anf. Do we not hear, that a childe was born to us, & a Son was given to us ? Efai. 9: 6. & was not that child & Son a perfon ? And may not a perfon be as well faid to be Imputed , as given, feing impu- tation, upon the matter, is nothing but a giving, or beftowing ? Yet we do not fay that Chrift is Imputed ; but that this expreflìon here ufed, Both . manifeflly evince, that we are righteous through the righteoufnefs of Chrift- made ours; & that Chrift is become the Lord our righteoufnefs; & that true beleevers receive & owne Him , as fuch , & refs upon His righteouf nefs alone by faith. He excepteth Z. The plaine d? direá meaning it , that He pall be generally acknowledged: