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62 3zufiif. through Ch. night. cleared out of the 0.T. C 11 A P. 7 which wickedly and peremptorily they refufed and rejected. This Righ- teoufnefs therefore can be nothing elfe , than the Righteoufnefs of Chrift imputed : for this only is cleane and white , all other having fpots and defile- ments. This is not within , but from without , and is put on , & is gran- ted to the Church , and fo imputed. Againft that fayïng of putting onChrifl, twice mentioned , he excepteth Paying. That none of them fpealkof juftifecation, bra that Rpm. 13: 14. fpea. keth of Sanfiification ; and that Gal. 3:27. ofprofefon. Anf. If we are faid to put on Chrift in Santli fication, and as to a profejfion, much more may we be faid to put Him on in juftification, which is the bafis and ground work of San tification, and the truth & reality of that which is profeffed. Without juflification there is no SanEtification; and except we be clothed with Chrift, and put Him on in order to jut" ification , we cannot put Him on , in order to Sanctification. And as fuck , as are baptized in Chrift , have declared , that they have put on Chrift ; fo fuch have done it in truth and reality , who are the Children of God by faith in Chrift Jefus , and are Chrift's and are Abraham's feed , and heirs according to the promife Gal. 3: 26, 2.9. Nor could they be Paid to do this outwardly , as to a profefron in their Baptifine, if a real putting on of Chrift were not to be found in fuch , as had the Spiritual and inward thing Imported & fignified by outward Baptifme. Thirdly a 3 paffage is ger. 23: 5, 6. Behold the dayec come, faith the Lord, that I will raijé unto David a Righteous Branch, and a King shall reig ne d?' pro - fper, and shall execute judgment & juflice, in the earth. In his dayes judah shall be faced and Ifrael shall dwell faifly : and this is His name, whereby He shall becalled , the Lord , our Righteoufnefs. It is undeniable and manifeft, that this is fpoken of Chrift , who was the Branch , raifed up unto David i and the King that should reigne and profper; and it is through Him , that judah is faved, and Ifrael made to dwell faifly. Now of this Righteous Branch, it is faid, that His name shall be called Jehovah our Righteouf- nefs: He shall be owned and embraced as fuch ; whereby it is declared , that as we have need of a Righteoufnefs, and have none of our owne ; fo this Righteous Branch shall become a Righteoufnefs to us : in Him , and in Him alone shall all His people have a Righteoufnefs : He and His Righte- oufnefs shall be made over unto them. And as they shall glory in Him , acknowledging all their Righteoufnefs to be in and from Him; fo He shall glory in that ftileand Title, which shall be given to Him upon that account, and He shall owneit, as His glorious Title and Name, for their further refreshment and Confolation. He shall look upon that , as His greateft honour, to be called the Lord our Righteoufnefs, Jehovah that purcha- feth and prepareth for and beftoweth a fufficient Righteoufnefs on His peo- ple. This pafiage with its forcible light fo opened the eyes of Beßarmine, the popish adverfary to the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift , that he was forced to confefs, That Chrift is faid to be our Rjighteoufnefs, becaufe he hall) made Satisfaction for us to the Father; and doth fo give and communicate thatSatisfaTïion unto us, when He juftifietb us , that it may be Paid to be our Satis-