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C x A >r, 8. yuflìf. through Imput. of Ch. Right. ileared from the N.T. 67 file is about to clear and confirme that , which he fetteth down Chap. 1: 17. as the fumme of the whole Gofpel, and clear demonfir Lion of its being the power of God unto Salvation ec. to wit , that in it the R,rgteou fnefs of God:: revealed from faith to faith ; a Righteoufnefs revealed , lace open , and of- fered to all that hear the Gofpel that they may lay hold on it by faith a Righteoufnefs , revealed from the true and faithful God , unto our fait(i (as Ambrofe , P. Martyr and others underhand it) or revealed from faith to faith, that is only to faith , ( as Pareus)or ( as Calvin, Be ¡a, Mufculus and others ) from a weak faith , to a flronger faith : or rather , to faith firft and laft, through the whole of a Saints life here , as the following words clear it , as it it written , the juff shall live by faith. Yet let us fee , what he excep- eth pag.13 6. He i. Suppofeth , that he hath proved before , that this paffage fpeaketh plainly for the imputation of faith for Righteoufnefs; but no way for the imputa- tion of the Righteoufnefs of Chriff, for any fuch purpofe. And. We may have occafion hereafter to examine his grounds , both from this and other paffa- ges, for the Imputation of faith , in oppofition to the Imputation of Chrih's Righteoufnefs. I shall only fay at prefent , that this Righteoufnefs cannot be faith it Pelf , becaufe it is revealed to faith ; & it is called the Righ- teoufnefs of God, which is by faith of gefurChriff; & fo not faith it fell. One thing cannot be both the Aet , & the Objea of that Att. And what fenfe would that make , to fay , faith it upon all them that be- leeve. z. He faid. By the Righteoufnefs of God fome underffandhere His truth and faithfulnefs, in keeping premifè. Anf. But though God's Righteoufnefs may elfewhere import & lignifie His faithfulnefs in keeping promífe; yet that is not the Righteoufnefs here underflood ; for this fuiteth * guilty finnecc; Inch as the Apofile hath been proving , in his foregoing dilcourfe, both jewes & Gentiles to be ; & is fuch a Righteoufnefs as is requifite to fuch , as would be jullified in God's fight;versezo. & cannot be had by mans doing the deeds of the Law, by which is the knowledgcof fin, & which therefore rendereth their cafe more defperate,; & fuch a Righteoufnefs, as is had by faith & which is unto all & upon all them that beleeve vers zo, z2. and fuch a Righteoufnefs, as is manifehed without the Law vers zi. All which, and much more, which might be mentioned , show , that Tome other thing is here underhood by the Righteoufnefs of God, than His Faithfulnefs & Truth ; even the Righteoufnefs of God, which isimputed unto, & bellow- ed upon all that beleeve. 3. He faith. Hereby is meaut that way, method dm meaner , which God him - felf bath found out to juffifte , or make men Righteous : or elfe that very Rjghteou f- nefs , by which we fland juflifeed or Righteous, in the fight of God. But net the Righteoufnefs of Chrift : nor it there the leaff appearance in the context of any neeeffity to take it fo. Anf. Ir is true, the Apoftle is here shewingthe whole way, method & meanes of our juftification ; & particularly, what that Righteoufnefs is, by which poor finners can hand juhified & Righteous in the fight of God; even a Righteoufnefs, that is not had by the works of I Z the