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76 yuffif. through Itnput. of Ch.Rrght. cleared from the . C H A P. 8, is the xp' t. a the free gift the fame with Laalzot jttfli fication , but lea deth thereunto, & is followed therewith. (3.) Norcan the Adverfary Hirn_ felf take thefe words vers 16. the free gift is of many offences , to be the fame with free pardon of many offences-, elfe he mutt fay that this free par- don goeth before juflification & confequently is-not jufification it felf, as he faith elfe where ;. for the text faith , that the free gift is of many offences unto juflification; as judgment or xe7Fca was antecedent to condemnation. (4.) So then , the true meaning is, that the free gift of Righteoufnefs bath, refped unto many unties to the end that juflification & pardon , that followeth thereupon,.might be full , whileas the guilt , that was imputed to Adam's pofterity , had refped only to his firft breach of the Covenant, for which all were madeobnoxious to condemnation. Lafily He faith. It is but loofe and unfavoury argueing , to reafon from a thing limply done, to a determinat manner of doing of it : Jo is it to reafon from being made Righteous , to a being made Righteous by Imputation. 4nf.. The particular manner or way how we are made Righteous, is aboundantly lìgnified by our being made &conflitutetWighteousby the Righteoufnefs of another , who was our Head , Reprefentative & Surety s & that becaufe it can be imagined to be no other way , than by Imputation. And Further, the whole difcurfe of the Apofile here , & particularly the comparifon fo much here infiffed upon, putteth the matter beyond all debate. As Adam's fin was imputed to his pofierity , whereby all were accounted fanners , & dealt with as fuch, evert as guilty, by reafon of Adam's aft of fin : So Chrift's Righteoufnefs be- cometh ours by Imputation , & we are made Righteous & accounted fuch. Lk dealt with as fuch upon the account thereof. No man can imagine, how one shall be accounted guilty , & punished as guilty of a finful aEt, done by another unlefs the guilt of that finful ad be. imputed to him; fo no man can. imagine , how one can-be accounted Righteous, & dealt with. as Inch , upon the account of the Righteoufnefs of another, if that Righ -. teotìfnefs of the other be not imputed to him. And befide, This is called a gift, a free gift, & a free gift of Righteoufnefs, & a free gift of Righteouf- nefi received, which fully pointe forth this Imputation , which we con- tend for. F :fily, Rom., S: 3, 4.. For what the Law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God , fending His own Son, in the likenefs of finful flesh, (LT for fin condemned fin in the flesh, that the Righteoufnefs ief of the Law might be ful- filled in u.. The Law could not help a linner from under the Curie , nor unto the recompence of reward, becaufe it was weak through the flesh, through the fin &corruption of man , whereby he could not give right and full obedience thereunto. And therefore God fens His Son , in the like - nefs of sinful flesh, who by His obedience & fuffering, in His fiate of humi- liation , took away the Ping of death , & the firength of fin, by fatisfying all the demandes of che. Law, the whole Sixaíwu,a , the jus & right of the Law , which codified in yeelding full & perfect obedience, & in making full Satisfaction for the violation committed : for the Law laid, curfed is 'rvery one, that continueth not in all things , which are written therein, to do them Deut