Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

1'he B,1rr~n F·ig-Tt_·ee. .55 11011e to his liking, 11one pleafant and good. Thcrtfore,jirj/, lie C()mplains of the W;.1nt thc::reof to the Drelfer, calls hitn to come, and fee, and take notice of the Tree; then ·fignifie,d his Ple:tfure, I-Iy will have it removed, , taken away, cut down fr01n ctimbring the Ground. Obferve, 1-~he bq.rren Fig-tree is the O,bjeet of God's'.Difpleafure, ; God cannot. bear ~ith a fruitlds Profdfqr. 1 I [Then J faid He, Cjc. •' 9'hel1, after ~his Proyocation ; then-, afrcr he had fought and fc)ond no Fruit; t/:;111, this ·Word (then). .doth fl1ew us a kind of an inward Difquietnefs ; as , he Lith' alf() in .anoth:cr Place., upon a like Provoc1tion: 'T'ben the /111ger of tl'Je Lotd, a11d his Je,lloufy Jhatl fmoke ag,:tillj! that /Jdan, cznd all the CurfoJ that , are rzvntt t 11 iu tk1is Book jb,JlJ lie t!pon him, a11d tbe Lo'Fd jh,111 blot out his Nan1e fron: , u 11der Hea'1.Jt1J (;'), ' ' Tben; 1 c intin1ateth that he was tJO'lH rCome to .a Point, to a Refolution what C 4 to t;} Deut. xxix . 18, ,~'9, z~. ' .