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~~BS~BSSiU!S~SS~Bfdsa~ 1 . I T HE 4 m I Barren Fig·-tree: I I OR,, THE I I Doom and Downfall m I . OFTHE . ~ ' . I • I ~ £:' R u 1 T LESS ' PR o .F J1: sso R·l .. SHEWING ' ~ 'That .the Day of G&.ACE n1ay be paftjl BJ with Him ' long · before his Life is1 (;ig .~~ Ended. . taa w The Signs alfo' by which fu.ch rlliferable WS I Mortals tnay be known. m' I: . I ~m ByJOHNBUNrAN. 1 m. . MATT H. iii. 10. . · 1 ~ And now r:~(o the Axe ir laid unto the Raot if the la~ ~~ 'Frets~ t~n·e_(Ore eruery 1'ree •u..thich hri~getb not f:;rth ifil ~a! good Frutt,, u he:wm down, and cajl mto the Ftre. ~ I L 0 N D 0 'J.V: I !Pri 1tcd for \V. JoHN~TON, at the Golden-~ ~81 Ball, in Ludgate-Street. 1762. m igtlH1l~~~~~ mi :mi~~~mm

1~ 0 1"' I-I :E C JUl'tt:ocis R E AD E R, J "' 1 I-I. ve - ~r.:ri tten to thee now ~vottt I . ·•) 1(.' • rr"'' h • ftJe oarn:' n t' 1 ~~- 1 ree, or u ow tt wilt j are wit J~ tbe F rui t leis Profeffor,. that J ttlthn tb in t~he ' Vineya.rd . c1.God ... Oj-· wh~ 1t Comllex'ion ;hott art, I _ C':-llt-?J(Jt C d-rf" ~"~Y divi~ne.,. but tbe· Pa:- . rabfe· t ei!J thee,_ :!ha-t th~ Cumbet-· ground nu!ft b>; cut dowt~> • ..4 C ~11nber-ground. Profefibr, i.r. 1JOt only a. J>ro.vo.cati-otJ I 0 God, "' Stumb/iug-hlock to the Vl o,rld, aiJtl.a #_le;n~fh to Rdibioo, but- tt· s,j ,lf'C 10;' 'his {{~vn 4Soul aljo.. 'Ihortg)J biJ E.xcel--- ·J.cnGy 'mort} ttp .p the Heavens, '1nd. • h i.:J., ~:L~_~d . re.lcf.? .ttnto . ti3e ClQU.os,, yet ' .~ 3 -h_e:: • . \$ '

To the READER. , be jha!J per.ijh .for ever, like hiJ own p1tng; they that h~v~ jeen hir(J, jhtJLI · j,~y; . Where is 'he? [a] - · Now ·ihey cottt~t "it 1!/eafure :'to riot _: .. ii'J tbe Ddy;.tlme, but what 1.viil thr:y . ''o 'when the Axe iJ jetch~d out. [ b J · '.The (jree whoje .Fruit withtr'ttl', i; recko11eii a 1 ree 7.vithottt :Fru; t, a :Tree twice dead, [c J Of!e that mujl be plucked up by tbe.' J(oots. ~ '> + r · ·. £'V' ,.. ......: • .:d! God c'x .. ·mne fit: king · ·efore 'is to . .: t 0 ; t' . l ~-Cl t · ·n the: Vine~ , 'UJ ::" J I )IF f. tl11 lUJ II~ ; J the .V.f ood, Fire. ' :. ·vert to , hid~ ..• will it paltning uj · hi.J ."'' to cut it f o} Job XX. 6, [h] ~ Pet. ir·. q [c] Jude x.i l.

To the REA·DER.. 'The Church u11d a Profeffion, are the b~jl Place J f~~r the lJ Pl.:it:. ~t ; bttt the worft in the vVorld {ur the Cl}rnber.. ground : .He nm/J · ve 'cc~fl_.. as. projaue, ()tJt (!/~ the !v'lount of a·od -;, C.J./1, I J'~,Y, over the 1-Vi;l/ oj' tbe Vineyard_,, there to wither ; thence ·. to be gathered and burtJed. lt ha.d bee~ better for theln ·that' they had not kn9)\vn the Way of R1ghteoufnds: [d] ~1'11d J'et if~ tEey haJ tJot, tbey bcfti bt:t n dr.i rrmelt ; but it is hetter . to ... ~ ojo fldi v;i tbottt', t baJt in, or jrojn uruler a f.Jroj t!Jion: Thefe iha.tl receive greater 1)an1nation. [t 1 . lJ. tbou be ll P'rokffor' n:ad ana 'trernble ; . Jj' thott be Profane~ do fo li{'ewije. For if the Righteous icarce1 y be i:t vcd, vvhere ihall the 9 ng:odl y and Sinners appear? Cun1ber-groun~,. take heed of the Ax.e ; Barren Fig- · ' tr~e) bt ·wc~rf of the Fire~ < A 4 But (d] Ezek xxv,iij. 16. Joh~.x~. 1'·6. z Pet. ih 12. [, 1 Luk<:: xx. 47· .

- To, the READER. But I will keep thee no longer Ollt oJ"' - th~ Book; ChriH: Jefus, the J?rejfir u_f' the Vineyard-, ta~e Care of thee, dig about tbee, and dit,ng thee, that thou m.;yejf bedr Fruit'; · that whett ·~ the Lord oj" the Vi-neyard · corneth with his Axe to fiek jor Fruit, -or rron_ownce the Senttnce of Damnation otJ ihe Barre-n_ Fig..: tree, ' thc..tt rnay1J ~/{: ape that Jtidgrhent. The Curnberground i'12tffl to the W ood-pil~, and the';.ce to tht: Fne. · \ · F'arew~!. Grace be with all then1'that lov~ • 'OUr. 'Lord Jcfqs i~ , Sincerit·y. · Atmu. ' - . · . . . · J.. Bunyan.

O: R, The Do o - ~·r and Do w ·N I<' A L B of · ·the 11ru,itlefl Projfjjor. . . Luk~ xiiL Verfes 6';. 7, . 8, 9: ./1 ce~tain. Man had a Fig~n·ee Jlanted i?J his Vineyard, and be cam~· and JouglfJ. Fruit tther.eon, and found none. ' '!'ben fa id be unto the D.rejftr oj hir Pine· · )'ani, Behold, tixfo three Years I comefteking l -?ruit on· this Fig-.tree, ancJ..fi1id ne. ne : . Cut it down, . ~u.)hy cumbreth it the · Ground. · And be a7~{wering, ]aid! unto him,. Lord, . let it alone thzs Year alfo, unlit I jhdllz' dig about it, and dung it : . ' /:lnd if it bear Fruit, well : · And if not~ .. then after ·th'at thou jbalt cut it down•. AT the Beginning of this · Chap-·· . ter, we read, how fbp-1e of t}le· · Jews came to J-efljs Chrijl, to tell himt ,. A 5· ~ . - oil

1 o _ The/ Bv~rren Ftg-Tree. of the Cruelty of J>antius Pilate, in 1ningling the Blood of the GalileatJS wi th. their Sacrifices. An Hc~thenifh and prodigious Atl! For the,rcin he ihewed, .not __ only his l\1alicc . againft the Jerztrijh Nation, but alfo againft J their Worfhip, and confeque~tly theit God. An ACtion, I fay, not only l-Ieathenifh, but Prodi'gious aHo ; for t ·he Lord-.:Jtfiu par~phrafing upon this F<-ct;cf his, teachetb the Je'ws,. that without Repentance,, they jhould all , like wife perifh• Likewife, . that is, by the Hand and l~age of th~ Roma1J r Kmpire: Neither ihould they be D10rc ~ble to aYoid the Stroke, tlliln were t ho{e Jii g k't ee tt. ttpfltJ w }Jom the q--o'if·er (}f Sitoam ji:Jl, tJd1d jhw t hali fa j: . 1'hc · 1~'ulfilling of whic:h Prophecy, for rthcir Hardneis of Hc~u~- r, and ,hnpenitency, · was in the DaJs. oi Titus,. Son ·of Vefpa/ia,;~ , -about For~t y Yea:rs after the J)ea:.th -of Chrifr. Then,. I fay , we_re tb::.k Je·~vs, aiJ_Q.their Cj.ty both, en- "Yi rone~1 round about ~n every SiJc,, whetrdn both. they. and·.it, -to .Amazet1Kl!H" f were Ini,fcrably: ove~t~~t~wn. God ga:-(c_

The Ba·rren Fi~--Tree.. 'I r r gave the~ Sword and Fatnine, . Peff'i ...· lence and Blood, for thei'r Outrage againft the Son of his Love : So Wrath' iimt 01J them tfJ the tlttermr:Ji r bJ. . Now to preven~ their ~Id and f()olilb Salvo; . which ~hey always had in uadinefs againft fuch Prophecies a-nd. Denunciations of Judgment, the Lor& Jefqs prefents them with their Parable,. 11n wh1ch h~ empharically _fhews taem1 . that their Cry of being the umpli of the Lord, aud of their being the Children of .Abrahr1m,. &c. and their being. , the Church of · God, would not ·ftand, then1 in any ·fi:ead. · A's who 1hould' fay, It may be yon; thi:rik to help yol1r-- fdves again!t this Jn·y Prophecy of you.r utter . and unavoidabl~ Over- , .throw, by th~ Interdl: which you have in your . outward P~ivileges· • But all" tllefe _will fpil yote; for what think you, .. A c.erta.iii· Man hail a Fig-tree plaNted: in hiJ VitJe)!ar:d,.. a11d he came tf.tJd (ottghJ' 'Frt~it thereon, a11d found 11011e. · This i,~: · your Cafe : The Jewijb Land is G~.d,s • Vi,neyard, 1 know it; and I knov~ Rlfo- , thatyou ar~ the. Fig-t-rees. . E.~; peholdi . . ' 4>· 6- r r ' tbtr~ ~1~~ Thdr ii. 161·

t 1 ,'!The B~.1rren Pig-r"ree. there wanteth the main Thing, Fruit,. tor the Sake and Expeet~tion ofwhich . h: fe-t this ·v in~-y ard. with Trees•. N ow, fecing the Fruir is not found amongft you; the Fruit, I iay, fgr the Sake of' which he .at firit did plant thi~¥ Vine- · yard ; what remains_, ~but that in J u- :ftice he com-ma_qd to cut you down,_ il-S thofo that cumber the @round, that be may plant .himfelf another Vine- .yara. _. T'hev fai~ h~ to t~e Dreffir .of his·. YitJt;'ard,, •Behold, theft t.~-ree utrrs .I t..(;me ftekit;g .i!ruit 011 this. Fig-tree, ana· find 11011e; Ct~t it dow11; why cumbrctb it tbe Grottnd? T -his -therefore ruuft be - J7C·ur End, although you are planted in· the Garden of Go~,. for _the Barrennefs and Unfruitfulnefs of your' f-Iearts and Liy-cs, yo1;1·. ~u:ft be cut off, yea, rooted up, and caft out 0f the Vin·eyard. · _ - In Parables there are two 'l'bi11gs tO. be taken Notice of, and to be enquired into of th~·m that .:read ; . I.. Firjl, ·T'h~ Meiap.loers-made ufe of. . l~. ~: tfOIJdly, 1. he Deciri1Je, ?r My-· jhries- 'cuched urider fuch' .M-etapho.rs. ... ' . Tlle,

The Barren Fig-Tre.t.. - 1 _;. The Metaphors in this Par-able are,- ' ( 1.) A certain Ivlan. ( 'l.) A Vineyard. (j ·) A Fig-tree,, Bar.ren- or Fruit.... - lefs. (4 ) · A Drdfcr. ( _; ~} Three Years. (6.) Digging aad Dungi11g, ()c•. , .. _t. The DotJ~;e, or MJ.flery, couched· under , thefc ·words,~ is to ihew us,. U hat is like t·o. /;,come of a jruitlefs, or · fc1:maJ Profe.ffir :_ For, · 1. By the Man in the Paravle, is-. meant God th~ f c] Father~ ~. By the Vinejard, his [d] Church . 3· ·By the ,fig-tree, a Profejer.. "' 4.. By the D•ujfer, the Lord Jefus. 5· .By the Fig'- tree's BarriJnneJs, the. Profejfir.'s Fruitlefot;efs. · o. By t·he three rear-s, the Patience. of God, that for a Cftme. be exte1Jdfth t() barre11 Profe.ffors. · , 7. 'This Calling to the Drdfer of tht: VinGyar.d to cu.t it dow11~ is to fhew, .. tbt . ' . .[c] Luk.e. xy. u.. [d} Ifaiah v. 7. .

t :.t The Barren Fjg- Tree. ' / the ·Out cries of Jujlicc againjl the fr1Jitlefs ProJCfforJ re \-- . .. . 8. 'T'he Dreffir's tp.tcrcedtng, ts to 1hew, how t'be Lord Jefus jleps in, t111d takes hold of the Head of_ his F,ather7 s Axr:, to itop, -or at leaft to defer pre-- fcnt .E:xecution againfi a barren Fig- . tree. 9· The Drejfer's Defire_ ~o try to make the Fig- tree fruitful, is to 1hew - -you, !-low ti4JwiJiing he . is that ever a barreu .Fi'g· tree JhouJd jet be ·barr_e11,_ ·,and perijh. ~ ' . 10. ~is Jigging about it, and dung- .. ing of it', is to fhcw his 11/iJ/ingne[J to apply Gofpel Helps tv this barren Projej[Gr, . if happily he tnay be fruitful. . 11. The Suppofition ( f} that .the 1./g-trt,e, Hiay yet continu~ fruitl_ef$, is-. to ibew, that when Chnil· Jefus bath dot1e all, there are fqme Projeffor s will abide barren a11d fruitlefs. , . 1 2. The Derermina·tion upon this SnppofitioE,, at 1aft to. cut it down, Is. a .certain Predi8ian oj fu.ch .Pt·ofeffors,ttnt~'V f:JidabJe tJnd eter:-;aJ Da-mllatiotJ. . · ~ut I!] I fa. liii, l1.. T/1 Mat : iii l.Q,.

The Barren Fig-1ree. 15 But to take this Farable into Pieces, , and to difcourfc 1nore .part!(uLuly., tholugh ~ith all Brevity, upon all the Part~ thcreQ£ · A certai1J MatJ had a Fig-t-ree plal)ted ia his Vineyard. The 1\f ~n, I told y0u, is to prefen't: t1S ·with God the ,Father, by which Similitud~ he is often fet out in the ~ew-Tefta1ncht. ' Olfirve the11, 1~hat it is ho new ' Thing, if you find in God,s Church, barn:tJ Fig-trees, fruitlef.l) ProfdTors; even a'S here you iec, is a Tree, a fruitlcfs 'Tree-, a fruidds Fig-tree in the Vineyard. ' Fruit is not ·fo eajiJy brought fort·h, as a Profetiion is got i11to : It is cafy for a IY1an to cloath ·himfelf with a fair Shew in the Fldh, to }'i 'Ord it, and fay' B$ tbotl warmed lliid jilkd with the· beji. lt is no hard ~ Thin g ro d o thetc· with otbcr 1 ' hings; but to be fr uitj ttl, to bri'ng forth Frttit to God,_ th1s doth not ev.ery 1'rec; No, not ·CV( ry Fig-tree that itands in tO~ Yincyhr j of (iod. Them. Words . ~~ /"

.r6 T ·he Ba!TefJ Pig-tree·. aHo r g J~ (Every Branch in me that bear-· cti~ not Fruit, hf tpket/6 awa;',) aifer t t he fame Thing. 'I11ere arc Branches in Chrift, in lhriit's Body Myftica}, . (which is his Church, pis. Vineyard) that . bearcth not Fruit,. wherefore the, •' Hand of God is to take them away.. · llfJoktd for Grapes, and it brought fo~th .. 'IJ;'tld Grap~s f h J; tha.t is, ne; Frtlit a~ all that ' was acceptable Wlt h God• .A gain, lfra-eJ is a11 e'mpty fi1Je, he bringeth forth Fruit unto bimfelf, [i] none to. God ; he is without Fruit to: G-od• .AU thcfe, w~th many tnbre, fhew us the 1 ' ruth of the Obfervation, and that God's Church may be cumbered with fr.uitlefs Fig-trees-,. w-ith barren Pr0!-- j1fors. Had a: [Fig~tree.]. Although there be in God's Church that be barren and fruitlef.~ ; . yer,. as I f:aid ,. to fl:e to iiJ Appectrfnue, they arc , like the r{$ft of the 'l 'rees, even a Fi~ .. tre-e: It was n~t an Oak, nor a 1-ViJiow, n0r a Tbor1J., nor a Bramble, bu.c a Figtree. : (i] J.ohn xv.. z. [b]rfa. ll. 4· (i}Hof. x. a.

The BarretJ Fig~ <free. J 7 tree. ~ [ k. J :fhey come before thee as the _P-eople cometh ; they delight to know my Way.r, as a Ncttion that did R.ighteouftJefs, and forfcok _ not the Ord1nances. of tJ:;ezr God; they ask ofme the Ordinczt;ces '. of Jujiice, the] take d~tig,ht i1J approach.;. i?Jg to God [I J ; and ) et but barren, fruitlefs, and unprofitable Profdlors. ·Judas al1o was one of the · 'I wehJe, a · Difople, an Aprjlle,. a Preacher, a6. Oj- _jicer, yea, and fuch an oric alfo, as none of the Elcrve1J miftrufted, but preferred beforethc mf~ lves, each <:?ne crying our, Is it I? Is 'it If f_1;~J N?ne of them as we read or, · mtftruibng .'fudas, yet he in Chrift'·s Eyes was the 'barre11 .1?Jg tree, a Devil., l fJ-j a !t*Li itici~ P'~ofcfi~r. T~e foolifu Virgins ·went forth of the V\7 orld vfith the other, h"ad Lamps, and Light, . and were awakenc:.d with the othet; yea, had Bo1dnefs to go 'fo.rth when the Midnig!1t Cry was n1ade with the other ; r and thought . that they could ·ha\'e look'ed Chritl: in the lilace, wheh he .fat [l] · E~ :: k . xxxiii. 30, 31. j , ·~ - [111] Ma1k ,xiv, tC) •• [I] Jfa. ivjii I, 2,., [''J Jo~n vi. jO.

J S The ·"Barren Ftg-r'ree. fit upon the Throne of Judgment, with tb~ otht.r ; and J'et but .foolifh, but b(Jrrlu Fig-trees, but fruitlefs Profe!fors : f oJ Many, faith Chrift, _wilt faJ' .tudo ms i11 that Day, this an4 that, [P 1 and will alfo talk of many wonderBtl \Vorks; yet, behold, he fix:ds norhing in them but- the' Iiruits of ' Unrighteoufnefs : 1~hey were altogether oarrcn and fruitkfs Profeifor~. · Had a Fig ~ trce [planted] This vVord f plcz;zted]doth alfo reach , far: 1t fuprofeth one taken out of its natur,ll Soil) or removed. from the Place it gr~v: in once; -one thlt-fcetned to' 1 be called, awaliened ; and not onty fo, but by flrdng Hand carried from the World, to the Church ; ft:om Nature, to Grace; from -Si11, to Godli;"': nefs. Thott broughtefl a Vi11e 'out of Egypt, tb~u did)} caji out the Heathen avd pltttit it [q J Of iome ~f the Brat1c.:h c: s vf r. h-is Vine we re there unfrnitful Profeifor~. / · , It [111 Matt. vii. zz . z3 fp} Lu~exiii z6, ,l] . [q ~ Pfalr;l hxx. -8.

The Barren Fi._~-Trep. 1 9 It muft be concluded therefore, 1~ hat this Profdlor (that temaineth notwithfb.uiding fruitlefs) is, as to the View and Judgment of the Church, rightly brOvlght in thither; tO wit, bv CoDfdiiot1 of Fdth, of Sin, tlmi tJ · Shew of RepentatlfC and Regenera don, · (·thus talfe Brethren creep in un·awares.) All thcfc Thing.s this \Vor<) f ltJnted, 'intin1ateth ; yea, farther, th,tt the · Chur~h is fatisfied with therrt, cpnfcnt~.1 thcy fh uld abide in the Garden, and counterh them fcund as the rdl:. B.. t before GoJ, in the Sight of God, · they are gracclefS flrofdiors, b{Jtrl!n a11d fruit ltf'J 1< ig-trees. 1'herctore it is one Thing to be LV. the Church, er in a Profdfion ; and anothe-r to be OF the Chttrcb [.r ], aq.d to belong to that KingJqrri_, r.hat is prepared ior the Saint, that is · fo indeed. Otherwifc, bti11g planted jht~IJ it profpcr, jhcr ll it tJOt ut1 tt:rly 'lJ.I'Jther, wben the E6tj/•fFiJJd touchet/;J it ? 1t jha/J witber i11 the Furrows ,,,_,h,·re it grt,w.

~o The Btrrren FJg-Tree. Hat/aFig...trce platJted in [his J Vine;•ard. In [his J Vineyard. !:I ypo:::ri tcs, . with _rutttn Hearts, .;re not afraid to com~ !:1eforc God in Sion. · 'fhcf~ Wot~ds therct:)re fuggeff unto us a prodigious kind of Boldnc·fs and 1Hrdcn-::d Fearkfsncfs. . F'or what Prefum13tion higher, ai_ld what Attempt more_ de; ... fperate, than for a J\1an that \Vanteth Grace:, .and the true . Knowledge , of God, to croud himfelf (in that Con· di tion) into the Houfe, ()r Church of God ; or' to make Profd1ion of, and , deflre th,e N atne of God 1hould be cnlled up()I1 i1im ! ' For the Man that maketh a Prof2f.:. fion of the R.cligion of Jefus Chrift,., that Man hath ~ it were, p;~t the,Name· of God itpo1J hiinfelf [ s ], and is called and reckoned now, (how fruitlcfs foever betore God, or · .tv1en) the Iv1an - that bath to do with (iod, the lv1an that God O'Nneth, and will ftand for. 'Ihis 1v1an, I fay, by his Profeflion · · · fu,:r .. . 0 ~ [.r ] Dan. .ix. ro Cha? . x,xxV.-i Z'"\ ZJ, 2z·. and i i 3 )·

The Barren Fig~tree. ~ 1 fuggeftcth this to all that know him; to be fuch a Profd.for. tv1en mecrly natural, I mean, Men that have not got the dtvilijh Art of Hypocrify, arc afraid to thi.nk of doing thus. Ans ~f rhe rejJ durji 110 Mati joi1t him(ell to tbem,. bat the. People ma$11ffied t/Jent [t J. And tndeed 1t q1fpleafeth God, 1 hey ·have broug-ht; faith he, MeiJ uncff'cum- -~fed into my' Sanllbeary [u J . And again, W'betJ you came fo , 11ppear b~for-e me, whq ,/:Jat/J required this at yotlr .Hands to tread .my Courts, faith God f~ ]. They have therefore learnt this boldnefs of none in the vi fible World, they h~vc ~ only took it of the Devil I y] ; tor he, ~ and he only (with thef'e his Difciples) attempt to prefcnt thc~f~lvcs in the Church before God. . 'The Tares are the · CbildretJ fJf the rzvicked One [ z J; the 'Tares, that is, the .Hypocrites that are Satan 's Brood, the Generation of Vipers, t hat cannot efcape the Damnation of I-Icll. [t] Aas v. r 3· i.. 6. and i i . 1 . [~ J Matt. :x.xiii. 33· _[ Had] [u] Ifa. i. 12 . [z] Job lJ' l Matt. xiii. zs- 3!1 .

!l z The Barren Fig-Tree. _ [Had] rJ Fig-tree plante~ in his VitJe)'ard. • He doth n@t fay, . He pla11ted a Figtree, qut there was a Fig-t-ree there, he had, or foutJd, a fig--tree planted in hia . Vineyard. r The Gr~at God will not acknowledge the barren Fig -tree, - or barren Protei;for to be his Workman!hip, or a Tree of Eis bringing _ in ; only the qCxt faith, he had one thcr'c. T'his is much like that in Matthew, EverJ' P lat1t which my Heavenly l!atl}er bath 1101 planter/, Jball.be rooted ttp [a]. Here again arc Plants in his Vineya-rd, whicb. God will not acknowledge to be of his pl:iinting: And· h.: feems to fug- ' geft, that in his Vineyard thcr·e are many fuch- Every Ptant, or all thofc .Plants, or Profdlors that are got into the Affembly of the Saints, or into the Profdlion of their Rcligion,wfthoat ; God and his Grace, jball be rooted up. .AtJd u;hen the King came it; to ·fee the G_uejts, he fa'i.v a Mail that had not ON a Hf.ddi11g-gtJrmtnt; a11d he jf1id ttnto him, r-;,. ,1. . "'- rtenu, [a] M~tt. XV I 3·

The Barren Fig-1ree. !13 , ~ ·FrietJd, how camcfl thott i11 bit he~ _not _ havi11g on a Weddin~.-garm~·nt I b I ? . Here is one fo cunnwg and crafty, th~t he beguiled .all the Guefrs; he got and kept i'lil 'the Church, even un-. til the King himfiiJ came in tn foe the Gttejis; but his Sub,ti lty got him nothing. . It did ·not blind the Eyes of the King; itdid n9tpervert tlJe judgment of the RighterJtts. Fria1d7 hew &amejf thou i11 hitter ? did overtake him at laft; eve~ a publick ·!{ejection· : . . rfhe King difcovcred him in the. Faoe of all rhcre prcfcnt. .. Ho·w ctJmeji thote i11 hit.her? J'.~\y Father did not bring thee hither, I cl id not bring 'thee mitber, . 1Y1y Spirit did not aring thee hither, thou art not of the .f-Icavcnly Father's pl.tnting, lio~ can,t~ft thot! in tJit/p(;r ? . He th.(Jt conuth not iu at the [)oo,·, bttt .Climbetb flP (onlf.' Ofher u>:rt)', the [d1tJC. iS {Z ' I f'hi r:f · and tJ Robber [t J. ·This lt;xt alf9_is full, and plain ro our Purpofe; for this l\1an ca1lze. flot .ia by ~he JJoor, y~t g?t into the C~1ur~l." , he got in by danbmg; ,he broke In at th~ Winclows; he g0t fom~ tning of .the L ight . t ' f" · ~nd f bJ Matt xxii. I ' ':.,..[/'¥·~ [cJ John :({. 1· t ;,.,; ~ , :!'-..;

~4 ~he Barren F-ig-1re!. and Glory of the Gofpel of our Lord J efus Chrift in his Head; and fo (hardy Wretch that he was) .be- prefumed to croud himfelf among the Children. But how is this refentcd· ( What faith _ the King of him ? Why t:his is. his Sign, The_fatJJe is a crbief t~nrJ a Robber. See ye here alfo~ if all they l)e owned as the Planting of God, that get into his Chprch, or 'lrofdlion of~· . ame_. , ,' Had a Fig-tree· Had one wit out a ,Wedding-garment, had a Thie in his 1 Garden, at his Wedding, in his Houfe. Thefe climbed up fotne other Way. There are matlJ. Ways to get isto the Church ~f God, and· Profeffion of his Name, befides, and without an. entririg by the Door . - ·. ,I. There is the vV ay of LJing and Di_ffi_mbJitJg, and at this Gap the Gibeonit1J- [d] got in. 2 • . There is fometime$, Falfltiejs amongil fome Paftors, either for the. Sake of carnal Relations, or the like ; at this Hole 'I'Qkiah [ e] the Enemy . of Ggd got in. · 3. -1 here is iometimes Negligente, ~nd too much · ,, Uncir- [dJ Jofhua ix. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7• 8, 9• (e] Neh" ~iii . ..f, 5· 6.

The Barren Fig-Cfree. . 25 UncircumfpeCtnefs in the wholeChurch, tkus [f] the U ncircumcifed got in.. 4· Sotnetimes again, let the Church be tJever' fo circttmfpe8, yet theft have fo much Help frmn the Devil, tha they beguile , them all, and fo get ill~ Thefe are of that Sort ofThicves that Pattl complains ·of ; Falje l~~ethre11 brottg~t in tt11awares [g J Jttde a.lfo c-ries out of thefe ,_ certaitJ ll1etJ crept ifJ . uuawares [*]. ,Crept i11 . Wpat ! were _they f0 lowly! A \rolu~tary Hurnility, _-a !'legleCl:ing of the [h] Body, not in any Honour. ·oh ! ~ how feen1ingly Self-denying are fome of thefe creeping Things, that are yet t'!_ be held (as we fhall .kno':" them) an Abomiaa- , tion to lfrael [i]. ;But in a great Houfe, there are not o"n!J , Veffils of Gold, aud of Silver, but alfo of Wood, and of Earth, and fome to Honour, and Jome to Dijhonour·. [ k ]. By thcfe Words the Aooitle fe ems to take it I ·, - for granted, that as there bath ·been, fo there ftill .will be, thefe kind of Fig-· · B trees, rt] Ezek. xliv · ~. -:-:"' )· [g] Gal. ii . 3• 4· [*] jude4. [h] C'l. ii. 21, 23. (i] Lev. , xi. 43; 4{ [k] zTim.ii. ~o.

~ -z6 The Barren Fig-rree. trees, thefe ~ barren Profeuors in the l-Ioufe, when all Men have d one what they -can : EvetJ as in a gt:e<t~ Houfe; . , ·1hete are rtways V effels to .TJifoe'f!R'!f.., as. well as thofe to Hono!Jr an(CGlqr.y,;· Veffcls of Wood ancd of .Earth,-t<iSJ ·¥/d1 as ·of Silver and .Gold : So· then . there · n1uft be ~ooden .... l't·ofc.ffors' ·hl "-the. Garden of God, there muil be e-arthy, .earJhetJ Profdfors in his V~neyard; bu't that me thinks is the bit·ing Word, and .f!Jme to j)ifoonottr. Tbat to the Rom.ans (1] is dreadful, but this fcetns ~to go 'beyon~ it : that fpeaks but o£' the Reprobate in general, but this of fuch in particular. '" Tbat fpeaks ·of... their hardening but in the common vVay; ·bat this, that they rnufl: be fuffcred to ~reep into the Church ; there to ~.:fit · 1:hen felves for their Place, their M.Vft Place '[m], the Place prepared fc r 'them of this Sort only. As. the Lord J efus fa id once ~)f the Pharifoes .,_ :Thefe · foal! receive greater D~m~1a-tio1) [u J. · · , B-ar-re1! Fig-tree, ·F ruttlefs l!rofdfor, Haft th~1U confidcrcfi th~t this. Fig-tr:e rs [1] Rom. ix. zi, zz. fm] Acls i. 25. xx. 4=7·

The Barren Fig-Tree. 2 7 -is not acknowledged of G.od to be his, but is denied to be of his Planting, and of h1s bringing unto , his Wedding ? Daft tho!} not fee thou art called a ~hief and a Robber, that haft ei- · ther climbed up to, or crept in ·at an... other Place than the Door ? Doft tho;~ ~ot hear, there will he Jn God's Houfe wooden and earthly Profdfors; and that no Place will ferve to fit thofe for Hell, but the H0ufe, Church, the Vineyard· of Gqd! BarretJ Fig-tree, fruitlefs Chri- ~ian,, cloth not thine Ears. tingle? 1 4nd [He J came ~11d fo'ught Frttit thereon. When a Man hath got a Profeffion, and · is crouded into the Church and ~ Houfc of GGd, the Q9eftion is not 11ow, Hath he Lite, ha.th · he, right · Principles, but bath he Fruit? He came feeking Fruit thereon. It tnattereth not . who brougt'!t thee 'in hither, whether God or the Pevil, . or thine own vain~ glorious l{eart : Bt1-t hajl thott Fruit ? Doll thou bring forth Fruit unto God ? A.t;d let trvery one that 1'lameth the Na;,·,e of t~ Lord Jefus -Chrijf, dQpart front, I · B '- Ini-

~~ ' _. Tbe-B,irren Fig-Tree. .Iniquity [o J. H .e doth not fay, And let every one that hath Grace, or let thofe that have the Spirit of God ; but let every 011e tha:t nanieth 'the Name.of ·the Lord Jcfus. Chrift, depart from In~- . ,guity. .- · · _ vVhat de' Men meddle with Religion for ? Why do they call'th~rrifel vcs by ' ' the,N ame of the Lord J efus,_ if they ~have not' the _Gra<;e of God, tne Spirit . ·of ~hrift 7 [Pl . God therefore expet?eth · Fruit : What do they do tn the V tncyard ? Let them 'York, or get thetn ··out, the Vineyard n1uft have Labourers in it: So11, . Go to wor~ · 1o ~day in my -Yit;eyard [q ]. Wherefore, W~11t of· Grace,.. and Want ' of Sririt, will not keep God from fceking. Frl!lit; /!na he &time and fought Fruit thereoJJ. He rcqriireth that which he [r j feemeth to have : ~Every Man ia the .Vineyard. and Houfc of Got4, promife.th hin1felf, profdfe~h to others, ~nd would have A ~n Mea take it for granted, that an , . heavenly Jo] ~~ Tim. ii . ;J'9· [p] Rom. viii.. 9· Tvlatt. xx. •, 2, 3, 4, 5· .[q J Matt. xxi. :z8. [r] Lllke ·zx. -39·

. ~rl e Barret; Fig-7ree.. 2 9 heavenly Principle is in hin1. vVhy then ihould not God feek Fruit? As for thcn1 therefore, that will re- . tain t"he Name of Chrifti~ns, fearing God, -and y~t make no ConiCience of bringing forth Fruit to him : .fie faith to fuch, . A·z~a)': As for ~yoze, go _J'e,_(ervc tvery otJe his Ido!J, and hereajter alfo, ·if JC .wiJJ not hearken unto me [J J. Barre11 Fig tree, doft thou hear? _God expect.~ eth Fruit, God calls for Fruit, yea, God will ili®rtly come feeking· Fruit- on this ban·en Fig-tree. · Barren Fig-tree, either bear Fruit, ·er go out -of the ' 7ineyard.; (and yet then thy Cafe will be un{~~ cakably damnahle) , Yea, let me add, If thou fualt neither bear /· Fruit, nor depart, Gud will take his Name Offt o( thj Mouth [t]: He will have Fruito And I . fa.y farther., if / thou w1I c. do neither, yet God in Jufbce and R ightcouil.1cfs will ftill come f0r Fruit. .1\nd it wi\1 he in vain for thee to. count thi·s Auitcrity ; .l-Ie will reap ·uJ!Ycre he hatb .110t fo.we~~ and gather tzvbere he bt{th 12et Jirewed [rt ]. Barren Fig tree, doft thou hear? ~ .[tJ. Jer . xliv. z6.. [u] Ma~

.30 , . The Baryen' F~-;-rree. Q_ What'/ if. a lkfatJ have no .Grace? · ..11. Yes; feeing· he h~th a Profefiion. ANd h~ came a11d [oztght Erttit [ thcre.on.J A Church then, and a .Profeffion, are ncL: Places where the vVorkcrs of lniqu~ty rnay '·h i d'e thernfelves and Sins from God. Sorne oi Old . thought, that b~'caufe they could cry, if he Tem- · plc of the Lord, the Temple· of· the Lord, that therefore they were delivered, or had a 'DifjJenfHion to do the A bomination·s which they conln1itted .; as fotne in ou-r D ays. For, -who, fay. they; ·have a Right to the Creatures; if not Chriftl.ans, if not Profeffors, if ~ot Church-Members [x J? .And from . this C0ncl'ufion ' let go the Reins of their inordin~tc .l\fiections after-Pride, An.1bitioV!, .Gluttonv, pan1pering then1· f~lves without Fc~n [J~J, daubing then1: felves with the L u~-prov?king ~afuions of the 1~irncs ; to walk with ftretched out Necks,- nakc:d Breafts,Jrizled Foretops, wanton Gefturcs, in gorg·eous Apparel, n1ixt with Gold and Pearl, and [xJ Jer. viii 4, .5, 6J 7~ ~c. ijy] Judc 1 z,

T'he Barren FJg-1'ree. 3 1 ~nd coftly Array. I will not here make liff.I~caion into their Lives, their Carri agcs at I-Iome .i1 their Corners, and fecr et H oles : . But certainly, Perfons t hus f~) ir it ed, th us princip led, and thus incli ned, have but e1tnpty Boughs, Boughs that want •he Fruit that GG>d ex peCts, and that God will co1ne down to feek. ' ' · Barren Fig ~ tree., thou art not licenfed by thy Proteffion, · nor by the -)Lord of ' . ·the Vineyard, t0 bear theft Clufters 'of. Gomorrah : ~either ihall rthe Vineyard, nor t~y being crot!de~t atnong tl).e 1rees_ th ~re (he Iter thee frorn the ,Sight of the E. ye of Gc)e:L Many Inake Religion thei r Cloak, and Chrift ~heir Stalking-· · borje, and by that 1\1eans cover thernfelves , aod hid e their own Wi ckednefs fro~:r'l Jv~ en : Bttt God (reth th;ir Heaxts [ z j , ~ as bis Pnnt' upon t he H-eels of t h:::i r Fe e t. and pond eret h aH their · G o in p·s : 'A nd a t ia11 , when t heir lni- ~" qu ity i£ found to be hat efu! , he will e it he r ii11ite t hem "vit h I-Iardnc fs of 1-Icart , ~md fo leave them, or awaken · B 4 them ['z. J Lu~~ 0,v i.: ' ·> Joh xii i. •z7. Pwv ~ v. Zl lbl(i xx i. z,

32 The Barren Pig-71-ee. ,. · them to bring forth Frpit-. Frpit 1-le looks for, feeks and expeCts, 1Jarren 17iJ;~tree! - But what! ·Come i11to ~he J P,efcnce of God to fin : What ! Come ir<1to the :P~cfcnce of God t~ hide thy Sin. Alas, 11~n ! the Church is God's Garden, and C~rift: Jefus is the gn~at Apoftle :ano High- Ptiefi: of qur Profd11on. What ! Come into the Houfe that is called b,y my Name [a J ! into the :Place where my Ho1iour o welleth [b J ! where mine Eve-~ and I--Ieart are ccn-- · tinually ! Wl{ar, co11}.e ther~ to 11n., . to hide thy Sin, to cloak thy Sin ! His Plants [c J arc an Orchard with pleaja11't- lruits. An(1 er-uery Time l!e goeth into his Garden-, it i& to fee the f_,ruits of the Valle-; ; and to ice if the Vine flourii'h, and if the Pornc-~ granatcs bud. 1:-ea, faith he, F-Ie came feekit;g Fr·ttit on this Fig tree 1"hc Church is the Place of Gou 's ' lJdJgli t ; where he ever defire:s tb be ; there he_,i s Night · · an-d· [~J Heb. iii. I. ]er. vii. 8, 9.• to. [h] Pial. XVl · " Y. ' ' ~ [ ] 0 • , X . ~;. ~. Awgs l_X. j • t. vOng lV. I 3• 14, 15. Ju!dv1 . 1 x.

The Barren F'ig-Tree.- 3 3 and D ay. He is there to feek for .Fruit ; t& feek for Ftuit of all,. and every rfreG of the Garden. Where.. fore afiure thyfelf, 0 fruitlefs One, that thy Ways muft needs be op'cn be- . fore the Eyes of the Lord. OtJe black Sheep is foon efpied, although in company with; that is taken with the firft Caft of t he Eye ; its different Colour ftill betrays it. I fay therefore,. A Church aad a 1?rofefi1on are not.Places where the Workers of Iniquity may 1 hide thcmfclves tren1 God, thttt feeks · , for Frult. /1t.(:V Vine_yard, f~ith GG<l:., whicb is mine, ~s, before me [ d]. A11d he c.atJe ancf foNght Fr-ttit ther.eOt/0 · . , ,[ ll.nd fo~hd none.J · Bar1·e11 }1g~ tree:, hearken-, TbJ1 coJJti:.. ; IJ~tal not;-beariug of . Iruit., is.,. a d-;:cadjitl' 8ig11 tEat thou {rtt t o come to. a dreadjitt~ End, as: the winding~up of this. l.) ar.a~ ble concludeth. , And jou.11d no.11~. No,ne at al1, or 'll'O.tJC' ~o 'God's liklng: For .when he fairb,, - He rame foeking Ftttit the~eon) he J1lCans. ' I ' . ll j ,li~Jl\ 'uit ' [dJ Song, vliL t.~

34 '. Th_e Bl1rren F'ig:-1ree. Pruit meet for tGod f.e ], pl_eafant _Fruit, _ t!·ruit good and/ i\vcet. . Alas! 1 t is not any Fruit w.iJl ferve; bad Fruit is counted none. Everr· Tree that brit~geth forth net good Fr~i5, is 1 heivn down a11d cajl i11to the Fire lf]. . I. There -is a Fru1 t among rrufeffors that withers, and fo never comes - · to be ripe ; a Fruit ·that is [mitten in .the Growth, an'd come's not t9 il4atttrity, and this is reckoned tJo Fruit. This Fruit tb~fe Profeflors bear, :that have manJ' fair BegiiZ1Jings, or Bfoffoms; that make man)' fair ()Jf'errof Repentance · and A1nendment; that begin to pray, t:o refolve, and to ·break otf their Sins _by Righteoufnefs ~ ; but ftop at tl{ofe B:. g!nnings, anq bring forth ·t1o ·i ruit to YerjeClton. "This ·Man's Fruit is withered., wrinkled, ~11ittcn fi~ruit, and is in EJfctl:, 1; 0 Fruit at all. z. The re is an h:fl;' Fruit, fuch as is the Cor1t upon the Houfe-top !g\ or that whi~h fr rings up ·on the Du11lhill, t.hat runs up fudde11/;'; violently., wit.h . great Stalks, and big Shew, and 'f'"C:t 1-t lajfprovcs empty of Kcrucl. :This. Fruit · · is [t] Heb. vi. · [/] Matt. iii. 10. fg] Pfal. cxxix.

,.. -!A'\J ,t;;.: Tire' .Bart'e1)' Jrtg-1r".:e. 3.. 5 is to be found in thofe JJrofdfors5 that on ~ fudden are fo aw:rkened, io convinced, an cl io afte&ed with their Cor1- . ditiol'l, that they ih~ke the whol/e Family, the End-ihip, d1e vvpole !'own.- ; 1 For a wbile they cry haftil y, veherllently, dolefully, mournfully; and yet all is but a Pang, an Agony, a Fit, they bring not torth Fruit with· Patience. ~hefe: are called thofe hafty Fruits, tbat jbttll be as a fading flo:zv~r [h]. 111crc is a Fruit rhat is 'Vile, and ill tajied [i 1,. hovv long foever it be in growing L kl ; the Root ,is dried, and 1 can~ot convey a Sufficiency of Sap to the Branches to ripen the Fruit. Thefe are 'the Fruit of f~ch Profefiors,. whofe Heart is cftranged froin Communion with the Holy Ghofr, whofe Fruit groweth from' tbem{elves [tj, fro1n their . :Parts, Gi rts, Strength of Wit, natural or tnoral Princi pies. 'I'hefe, notwithftanding they bring forth F,'ruir_, are ea) led empty ViJJes; fuch as· bring not forth Frui t to God. · :Tb~ir Root is dried up, they'jhtill bear· . · - B 6 fj() '[h J If a. xxviii. 4·· [iJ Jex:, xxiv.- it6. [l] Hof. ~. 1. [k] !Iof. ix. · . '

36 The Barre.n Fig,-1ree. . 'IJO Fritit ;_yea, though they bri11g fortl:J, · yet will I Jla)~ , erve1J the beloved fruit pj~ thetr Jfomb. 4 .. 'There is a Fruit that is wil~ I /(Joked fm· Grapes, and it brought forth 1.vild Grapes [m~ · I obfcrve, 'That , a~ there are Trees and Herbs that are whelty .right and noble, fit indeed for the Vineyarcl ; fo there are ,alio their SeJJzblance, but wild; ·not ri~ht, but ignoble. 'rhere is the Grape aod t:h~ Wild- , grape; the Vi;:e and the 1Yild-vine ;- rhe l(oje and thc....CatJktr-rofe; } 'lc"J-'ers anq JVzld flowers ·; the Apple and the P/ildapple, whid1 we calr;~t he Crab. Now Fruit from thcfe 'ZJ.:ild 'Things, how- . ever t>hey may pkafe the Children to play wi h, .yet the prade11t and grarve count them of little or no \i.alue. 1 ·· hcre are alfo 1n the World a Gener,l.-· tion of Profd.fors·j that notwi thftanding their , Protdllon are wild by Nature; yea, fttLh as w'ere never .cut otit, or (it,; frGm the ifild Olive-tree, nor never yet Flanred intQ the good Olive- ,, tree. -Now thefe / can .bring nothing cii:th but rPilct Olirve-berries, they cannot [m] Ifa~il v..4•

, The Barren Fig-ire:. 3 7, not bring fo~th Fruit tt1z.to Gad. Such are all ·thofe that have lightly t aken up a Profdlion, and crept into the Vine~ . yard ·without a N cw-birth, and the BldliLJg . of Regeneration. · · . 5· rfhere is alfo undmely Fruit, ' Even as a Fig-tree cajeth her Ur:time~J'­ jigs f 11 J~ Fruit out of Seafon, and fo 1ip I-i'ruit to God's liking. rrhere a1:e Two Sorts o£ Proft;ifors fubj -a ' to bring forth untimely Fruit. L '1..,hey that bring forth (Fruit) too joo11. . :2. They !hat bring torth (Fruit) too late . . 1 irfl, They th~t bring forth t_oo foon. , · iFfht y are fuch as at pre[e11t receive the Word with Joy, and az1on qefore they .. 1 have l-\.oot downwards, they thruit d-op h upwards ; but having 110 Root, . , when the Su1J arifeth they are fmit·t~ll, , and mifcr~bly die wi-thout Fruit. rfhefe .Profcffors ·are tho(e light and inconfiderat.e Ones, that ' think nothi~g but Peace will attend t~e Gofpel ; and fo anon reioice at the·l Tiq~ngs, without foretceing fhe 'rroubl~ : Wherefore -when ~ [n] Re~. vi. 13,.

3 8 . The Bc~rrtrJ Fig-1ree.4 when the 1,toub1e com.e~, being un.. anned, tHl.d i0 .not ab'le to ftanc;l any 1oHger, they die· ~ an~t are wit~ered, and bring forth no 1-'~ruit. l-Ie t/pat re- , ceiveth the Seed into flo11)' Places, thefame· is he that- heqreth the If ord, a1Jd atJ(}fJ with _V'o)' 1·eceiveth it, fet hath he no Ror~ in Lin~(el/~ b!~t duretb f ur a while ; jo'f ·when . T~ibttlation or Pe ~ficutioJJ arifeth, becaufe· fJj the fVord, by and. by t hty are ~ffettded L o_> 'I here is in lfaiah xxviii. mention made of forn'e, Uhofl gloriorts Beauty {halt be a fadilfg Flower, bccaufe it is Fruit. before Summer [p]. Both -· ·thdc are ut1timely Fruit. > StcbndlJ', T 'hey alfo bling fOTth untimely F'ruit, that Hay till the Seafon is over. · God will have his Fn~it in his Se:afon ·; I fay, he ·will receive the1n of fuch 1\1en as ih(ill render them to him in their· Scafons f qJ ; the !_niiling of ~he Seafon is dangerous; ftaying till the Door is fhqt t_r ;', is danger.ous . Many there be th~t ·come nor t'ill the Flood of God's Anger is raifed, and too deep . for them to J,vade through : Sure_!J', in ; the [o] Matt. xiii. z.:>. zr. [pJ Ifaiah xxviii. 4· [q] Matt. ;xxi. 41. [r] !bid xxv. 10, u.

:fhe B_·arren Fig-'free. 3 9 the Floods of great Waters they jhall not come nigh unto him [s. J -E.fau's after- ~ward is fearful: For JC know, that aftcrwctrd, wben be· would haeve in i:Jerited .the tH1Ji11g 7 he czvaJ rejefied; f or k~ e f otuJd 110 Place of Repentance~ though he foug'ht it carefully with :Tettrs Lt J. · So the Children of .Ifrael, they brought to God the Fruits of Obedience too late; their Lo, we be /cere,. eamc ,too ,late; rheir rVe will go, up [t-t], . came too late. 'fhe Lord had 1worn 'before tbat tbey fbould not poffifl tbe ~and , [x J. A1l thefe are fuch ~-t8 bri ng forth tJ,ntimelj Fruit [yJ~ It is the harJ ,lflp · of the Reprobate to do all 'Things too late ~ z ~ ; ~ to be fcnfible of his want o£ ( Grace, too late [a]; t9 be fGrry f-or Sin, too late Lb j ; to feek R.. epentance, too late; to ask for .l\t1ercy, and to defir2 to go to Gl ory, too late. ' 1. · 'Thus you fec :that Fruit [mitten in the Cirowth, that ~·ithereth, and that COHleS DOt to J'v1aturity' is 110 lfttit f cJ•. . . 2.Thrt [.~] PfaL xxx iL. 6. ' [t] Heb. xii. 16, 17. [u] Nnnb. J<iv. 40, 41, +Z· [x] Ver. 21, zz, 23 . [y] Matt. xxv. 10. lhid xxvii. 3· [z.] Gen. iv. '3· 14;. [<t] Heb xii. I 7· [bJ Luke xiii. z5, z6~ 27. [ c J Ibid viii. q ..

40 · Th.e Ba;~rfrl Fig-tree. ~ . .That hajfy Fruit, (uch as t4e Co111 c p OJ1 t'he Hottje-top r d I; withereth alfo · befo-re it growcth up [ e ~ , ,and is 110 ·Fruit. 5· T'hat the Fruit that is rvile Lf], and ill tajled, is no Frui't. ' 4· rfhat wiJd Fruit, Wild~ grapes [g], are no Fruit. 5; T·hat untirnely Fruit, fuch as comes · too foot;, 'or that comes too late, fuch as. " come not in their Seafon, are no 1ruit. I ' • A'.'d be· came a11d jougJ:.;t Fruit thereo/1, a)td found 111Jnc. · ) ' ' · N otbing will do but Fruit: }Je foe.ked for Grapes; ,when the :rJme of Jruit d1~ew 11ear, befetJt his Se"vants to the Husbandmen that they might receirve the· lrui~ of· it [h;. • I ~ucft_. But what Fruit deth. God .expect? .1111fw. Good Fruit. Every crree that· bringeth forth not good Fruit, is. herzvn dowrJ [i]. Now before the ·Fruit can. be good, the Tree muft be good; for good Fruits make no.t a good Tree;. but; [d] Pfal. .exxix. 6. ["] Jer. i;i. 4· r/J. Ifa. v. 4· f'.g} Hev.v!... fbll'vh~~xxi, 34· Ll Ib vii .. I~

The Barren Fig--Tree. · 4 { but et good ·rrel b~ingeth forth good Fruit: Do Men gather Grapes of :'fh£Jr11s, or figs of crhijfles (k). A Man rou11: be good, clfe he can bring forth no good Fruit; he n1uft ha,,e Righteoufnds imputed, tpat may itand good in God's Sigh~ ~rom the Curie of the ,Law. He mui! 'have a l)r inci plc · of Righteoufncfs in his Soul, elfc how 1hould,hc bring forth good ·Fruit£ ; and hence it is, · that a Chriftian's Fruits are called, 'Ihe f ruits of tbe Spirit ( l), the Fruits of Righteouf- -mfs, ~which tlre by J eflts Chrt.Ji (m). · 'I he Fruits of the .S pin r, thererore the Spirit muft be t~ere ; the Fruits of P--- ighteouir.efs, therefore Hi gh~.f'ouf­ - nets mu re ji1ji be there: But t_9"/ parciculariz.e in a. few 1~ hin gs briefly. ' 1 irjf, God expecreth. Fruit that will anfwer, and be worthy of the Repen- · t ance which thou teignefr thy{clf to have. l£,ve·ry one in a Profdlion, and that h?.th crc uded into the, Vineyard,' pre'tendeth to Repentance: Now of every fu ch Soul, God __expet1:eth that the Fruits of E.epent an,cc be found to attend · (k) Luke vi , ~ 3· 441'.4· 5'· Matt. vii. 16, IJ, ·IP, 1 19 , ~ 20 . (/) GaL V. zz, 2 3 . (m ) Phil. i. LI.

42 T he B ttrren Fig-Tree. tend then1. Bying forth therefore Frt;~its trtect for Rtpentance (11), or anfwerable to thy Profdlion of the J)oCl:rine of Repentanc~ . Barren Fig.-tree, , Seeing thou.' art a ~~ofefior, and art got into the Yin<;yard, thou fta.n,<;le:ft'-betore the Lor,l of the Vineyard , as one of the 'T' recs ~of the Garden : Wherefore he looke th for Fruit from thee, as -frorn the rejl of t he ·Trees in the Vi r. e \'ard ; Fruits (o), I fay, a_nd [ztch as ~1a.y declare thee -in I-f ear t and-' L-ife, ·(me that h l th - made found P rot ·flion of R e ~· e nt a nce. By thy Pr_ofeilion thou hafl: .Lfid, I am, fetljible of the Evil ~f Sin : N ow then, live fuch a L ife, as decla:res that thou · ~rt fenfible of (he Evil .of Sin. By 'thy Profcffion rbO'u~--~aft faid, I ctm forry for 'lnJ' Si 11 :_ 'vy7h y tben live fuch ,a .Life as rnay_d'cdarc tbis. So~row. By thy . Frofdlioq thou hait faid, I vlrrt ajhamed .of ffl)' Sin (P ) : ~ Aye, but live (uch a 'Life, t hat 1\1''n may fee thy ~hame for Sin ( q). By thy Profeffiqn th;eu _i~yeit, I have turned jro1-n, a·11d left ~ff, tJ'i1d am be,·ome ( ' ' tr~- ··· 0 ' ' ' 'T)'l\' lb .. ·r • u 1 ittJ (Jl C. 1\1. o ~~~ 1a • 1. 4· . XXXVhl . \l-• Jhid. x1. 1 z .. (p) !bid xxxviii . 18. Ha ~ lix. 2 .:. (q) Jcr xxx1. r ; .

· The Barren Fig-Tree. 43 become an Enemy to every AppearatJce of 'Ervd (r): Ah! But cloth thy Life and Convcriation declare thee to be fuch an , one ? T'ake heed, barreri I ig· 'tree, left thy Life fhould give thy Protcffion t:he Lye.' I fay again, 1'ake heed, for Go ll himfelf will come for Fruit; Af}d , he fought lruit there,n;. You have fome Profdfors, that are only Saints b>efore Men, when they.ara .Abroad, but are Devils a·no ·\ fi.pei·s at Home; Saints by Profdlion, bur ~evils. by PraCtice; Saints in Word ; but Sin .. ners in Heart and Life. 'Thefe l';1en may have the Profefiion, bu t they w·~nt the Fruits that become R tpentatzce,. Barren Fig-tfee / Can it be itnag:1Dcd that thcf~ that, paiJJt tbemfdves, d id ever repent Qf 'their Pride; or that thofe that purfue this Wo.rld, did ever ~ repent . of theit· Covetot~(1.ufs ; or that tho'(c who walk wi th wanton Eyes , did ever repent o f theirftefh6' Lr~fis. VVh :: re, barren I ig-tree., is the Fruit of thcfe :Peoples RepeBtanc~ ? Nay, do they n~t rather <-iecla:re to the \V orld; 'Tbcrt they have repented of tbeir Profelfi~n .? · U lClr (r) Atls xxvi. I 8 ~ ~ Theff ,v. 4Z. ,

44 The BarretJ Ftg.:rree• . l their Fruits look as i_f they ha,d. Their. ~1 Pride faith, they have. repented 0fthe·ir Hamili(y; their . Co~Jetoitfnefs declareth, . that they are weary of depe~tding upon -God; ai1d doth ·not th-y wanton ~t\ctions declare, that tho~ abhorreji Chajiity ? Where is thy [ruit, barre1J .Fig-tree ? Repentance is not only a Sorrow, and a Shame for, but a turning from Si'n to God ( s) ; it is called RepetJtance jr01n · dead w·orks_ . .. Haft thoq. that. godly " Sorrow, that worketh Repenta11ce to Sat- ~attotJ, tie1"Jer to be repeuted of ( t)? How t1ofi: thou fhew thy ~ Caretulnefs, and clearing of thyfclf; thy Indignation . , ~gairJl Sin ; i by Fear of oHending; thy vehenicnt Def1rc to waik witn God; thy Zeal for his Name, and Glory in the \Vorl~ ~ anJ.' what Rc.vengc hail . thou in thy Heart againft every Though!: of Difobedi ence ·? _ But -where is the Fruit of -this RcFentance ? vVhere is thy . w ·atching, !hy Failing, thy Pr~yir.g againft the l\.cma1nders of Corruption? vVhere is ~ thy Self:..abhorrencc; thy Blu!hing betore God for the Sin that is yet behind? vVhe.re ~ (>) . Heb, ~·i. (t) z(m;.vii. 101 . I~.

. The Barren Fig-'t;;ee. 45 Where /~s thy Tendernefs of the Nan1e of God and his Ways ? Where is thy · Self-denial and Contentment ? How doft thou fuew before JYJen, the Truth of thy turni~g _t'o Go~? .fl!'_~ _tbou re,.:. nounceti the btddetJ Thtngs of Dijhonefty., not waJki11g i,1 Covetou(Jiefs ( u) ? Canft thou commend thyfel£ to every M11ls CoJJfci~nce in the Sight of God? (lnd he fought Fruit thereo11. Secondly, God expeaeth Eruits that foa/J anfwcr that i· aith which thot~ m;keft _ProfeJ!iotl of 'The Frofdlor that:is got into the Vineyard of od, ·doth teq~u . that he bath the Fa1th~ rhe F ,1ithrnoft holy, the Faith of GNi' s EleB . Ah ! but where are ~by Fru1 ts., barren Figtree ? '.fbe Faith of · the l~omans <WtJS [poke~z of throughout the 1.vhole World; and the Theffalonians t aith gre'z.f) excee4i n.{)y. Thou profdleit to believe thou h .dt a · Share in another Wol'ld; Haft thou l,et / gc) this, barren Fig-tree ? Thou profeffeft thou believcfl~ ' in Cbrijl; Is he thy Joy, and the Life of thy SoriJ? Yea, ~) z C·Ol'. iy. 2 .

46 " · The Barren Fig-r'r.ee. Yea, what Conformity unto Hitn, to his So'rrqws and Suffcrings ? \Yhat Refen1blance hath his CryiQg (x) and Groaning, and B.Ieeding, and l)ying ·wrought ,in thee ? Doft thou bear .in , thy BG>-dy the Dying of t_he Lord Jefus ? /bid is alfo the Lift of·Jefus made manife.fl in thy .mortal Body ? ' :Barren Fig- tree, , Shew. me thy }aith by thy Wo·rks (y). Shew·pttt of a good Converfatio11 thy U~orks with A1eekneft ·ofJVifdom. · What Fruit, W-hat Fruit, Barren Fig- .' tree, whi:lt Degr;e .of HetJrrt-Holinefl·? for Faith purifies the Heart (a;) : What Love to the Lord J ffus ? for }q.ith worketh by Lovet(a). · ~hirdiy., God~ expeCt-et}) F-ruits, t~c-­ ~cording to the 8etJfons of .Grac_e thcu-art -under, according to the Rain that com,. tCth:upon thee. l'erh~ps taou. art . plant- ' • -ed in a good Soil, ·by g~e~t Waters, that thou ~ighteft bring f0rrhBr;lnches, 2nd bear Fruit; that thou tnightdl: be ~ a goodly Vine er Fig-tree .: .Shall he not therefore frek for Fruit, .fer Fruit a;tfwerable to the Met~-ns ·? Ba.rren Fig-- tree; (i~ PniL iii. 8, 9, 10. (y) James ii. 18. lbid iii. 15. {z) Ath xv. g. .. ·: ~a.) Gal; v. 6.

The Barren Fig-rree. 47 tree, God expects h, and will find it too, if ever he blcfs thee. For·the Earth which dri11ketb in the·Rain that {:Jmes oft upon .it, and bringeth forth lie,rbs meet for bim by •lJJhom it is dreffid, re£eives Blefling . jro1n God; but that which beareth c.Jhorns and Briars is reje8ed, aJtd is nigh unto Curling', ?i.!hofe End is to be burnt (b). · Barre11 Soul/ How many Showers of ·G'race, how Inany l)ews fro1n Heaven, how man.y times have the SilverStreams · of the City of God rttn gliding .by thy Roots, to caufe thee to bringforth I ruit(c)/ 1 Thefe Showers and Streams, dand the Drops that hang upon thy Bopghs, lvill be accounted for (d) : An1 will they not teftify aga.infr thee, that thou . oughteft of right to .1be ·bur1Jt (e) :1 Hear, · and tremble, 0 thou b11rren Profeffor! Fruits that become the Profejjion ,of the . Go(pel, the God of Heaven e~petiet·h~ (j). The Gofpel hath · in it Forgivcnefs of Sin~, the . ;Kingdon1 ·.of Heaven, and' eteri1al Li fe (g) : Bu t what Fruit ha rh . thy Profeilion 'o( a Belief o[ ·· thefe · ' 'Thi11_gs (/;) Heb . vi . 7, 8, : (() Rom. i . I 3 (d) Co1 • iv. 5, 6. (e) _2 Cor. viii . 5· (f ) Ath iv. 32. (g) ;. Cor. vi. :zQ. ,

A 4 8 The Barren F ig-1ree. Things put forth · in t:hy Heart and ~ J Life ? Haft .thou given .thJfetf to the Lord~ and is all that thou haft, to be ' ventured for his Name in this \Vorld.? ·Doft thou walk like one that 1s bough~ with a Price, E-t.VetJ the P!i~e of ChrijJ.' s pre~ious Blo~ ?- · . · _ , . . Fourthly, The Fruit. that God ex· _ pecteth is' fuch, as is meet for biinfe!f; Fruit that may glorify God:_ God's :rrces are crrees of Righteouf1Jefs, the ' planti11g of the LCJrd~ tha~ he may be glarified (h); Fruit th4t tajfeth of H::aveu, ./ibtuJdance_cof fuch Fruit : For he~·&iH, faith Chrift, is my Father glorified, that · ye bring forth much Fruit (i) . Fruits of all kinds, new afjd -old, the Fruits of ; the Spirit is in all Goot/tJefs, a11d ~ight~-: ouftJefs, aNd -'Truth.. Fruits before the World, _Fruits befor~ the Saintt, Fruits before God, Fruits befor~ Angels. " 0 my Brethren ! )¥hat m.anner ef Perfons ought we to be, wh~ have fubfcribed to the Lorcl, and have called , ourfdves by the _Name ,of ~(rael r .O;z: j - jbcJil fay, I am the Lord.$;. a11d a:wt/aer . jhtlll c,aJJ bimfelf by.t .he 1Vam~, of J~cob; ' ,.. - and {b) Ifaiah lxi. 3· r (i} John xv. s:'.·" .. 4

, The Barrnz Fig-Tre~. · 49 a11ti a11other Jl!allfubfcribe with his Hand ttnto the Lord, andJirnaine himfolfby the Name of I~nial (k). Barren Fig~~ree, :. haft thou ·fubfcribedt haJt tltou called thy.fdf by the N anie of Jacob, and t jiri1amed thyfelfby the Name of Ifrael? · All ' tbis tpou ·pretendeft. to (I), who art got ilito the Vin-eyard, · who art placed arnong ·the Trees of the Garden of God : God cloth thcxefore look for Juch Fruit as· is wortliy of his !fame, as · is .n1eet for him: ·As the · A poftle faith~ ·we.jhottld walk. worthJI of God'; th~t is, fo as that we n1ay ·fl1ew in every Place, that the Prcfence of God is with us, . his Fear in us, aud his Majefty anct , Authority upon our .ilBions.. . Fruits meet fo~ him, fltch a Dependance upon hirn, fu~h Trutt in his Word, fucb S!ltisfaEtion in his hefence, Jttch a trufting of him with alL my Concerns, and fuch Delight in the Enjoym~nt of him;' , that ,ma.Y demfmjlrate that his Tear is in my Heart, that my Soul is wrapt · up ia him_, arid that my Body and Soul, and t • ~ftate, and all, are .in 'fr:uth, th_rough hi-s Grace, at his Difpofe. Fruit m1et C ~ for (k)' Ifaiah xifv·, 5· (/) I Theff.ii. 12,

' .50 , _ T~e ·Barren Fig-Tre.e~ for him', Hearty ri:~harrks; ~nd bleffing . God . fot: J~fus Chrift, tor . his good Word, . f~r his Free.Grace, for the . ])ifcoverr .of himfclf in Chriil: to :rhe Souls, fecret Longing afrc:t at.,othc.r , World, :fi'ruit meet for hirn .. ·Liberality to the poor Saints, to the poor World; _ ' a Life, in Word and 'Deed exernplary, a ;patient and quiet e.nduring of all Things, till I have dor1e. and fuffered the whole W~ll of God, which ·hc bath appointed ·..for me. · Ihat on the good . Grtiund are the;', wb.icP, .i:n a1J JJoneji and ' gc~d Heart, having he~r,d,the Word, keep it,andbringfortb ~:-ruit with ,P atience( m). This is bringing forrhJi'ruit ur~to GoJ. Ji.avif!g our Fruit tnJto ijoli11efs, and .our F..n.deverlajli1jg Lije; l-\.on1. vii. 4· vi. 22. and xiv. 8~ . · F~fihiy,, 'The Lord_ ext)ects F.rui t be- &Qmin,g" the Vi~t~yttrd nj God. 'The Vineyard, faith he, is a ver;'-frrfitjul I-Ii/t(r~); witnefs the Fruit brortght jotth in alt ./iges: The moft barren ,frees that ever · grew in the VVood of this VV:orld, when ·planted in this Vineyard, by the God of , HetJ'tPen, what Fruit to Godw8.rd have they

The B11rren Eig-Jree. 51 they ~ brqught forth ? Abet oWered the · tuore excellent Sacrifice ( o). Enoch walketl with God ,1hree l-!tendreei nars; Noah by his Life of Faitlt, C()mJemHiti the World, a11d became Heir of the Righte-: oufnefs which is by Iaith. Abrahan1)~jt · hts Countr)', a1~d went out after God, !iOI knowing .rz.vhit/Jcr he weJJt. · Mofes lctt a . Kingdom, a11d t·u-t:J t/:;: Haza;-d of the Wrath of the Ki11g, for the Love he had to ·God and.Chrift. What fuall I fay of then1 who ' had Trials' 110t a;ccpting D.eliverance, that they' might obtain tJ be,tter Refttt'reeiion ? {ht-y 'Were j~oned, theJ were fawn. a:funder, were tempted, were jlaitJ with tf.1e S4.vord: r.t'C)' 'Wij'I'Jdt:ruJ about in Sheeps-ski ,,s a11d GoatJ ...Jki r;s, beiflg dejlitt-tte, affi!Bed., tormented. Peter left his Father, Sltip, and i'Jets (p). J> aut tun~ed off from the Feet of Gu.- . maliel. , .1\{en brought their Goods and Poiidfions, (the Price _of th~m) and caft it d'own at the Apofr!es Feet; and . others brought their Bcoks together, an,d ;burnt: them, ~urious Books, though they were worth Fifty rl:o?tja11d Pieces C :l , . of (o) Heb. xi. 4-, to 37. (i) 1\IIatt, iv. 18, 1 ~·