Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The JJarren Fig-1'ree. 9i you fome lnfiantes of th is, .and fo go .on to the laft J! ropiji tion. ' . ' · :Firfl, I lball inftance Cain :· Cain was a · Profe(or, ·a Sacrifice r (a)~ . a .Worlhipper of ·God ; yea, the~ ,fidf W or1hipper that we -read of fljter ·tlot Fall, But his ·Grapes were wild ones; his Works .were t!Yit (b), he did ·no.t da :what he did, . from right Mo~ives. Therefore God diffallowed his Work " At. this· his Countenance · faUs_~ ; wherefore he ' envies his ~B r~ther. quarre~b with him; take~ -his Opportunity, -and ·;kills him. ·No\.v in that DJy that 'he .did· this A&~ was the Heavens ~1of@d .up againft him, · and that himfelf did ;fn?lartingly . a:n.d fearfully fed,. when God made Inquifition for the .Blood of Abel. And now curfed, fi1id· Go~, jbalt thou be fr~m . tbe Earth, which hatb- opened . her l;1outh to ·receive thy Brother's .Blo()d from tby [{and , and, &c. And Cain , fa id, j\1y Punifhment is greq,t'- er· than 1 can be a~~· (c). · · Mine Iniquity ~ greater than . that it rpa y tie for:- E -. . ,. given~ {a) Gen. iv. 3· (b) ·l John iii; ~ · ~~ _(c) Gen.: i"l. 81 11, l z, I ~ , l 4-• , .