Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

-22 DIVINE EMBLEMS XII. Upon a _ l()t~/ring Morning. VJ{ T E L L, wit-h the day I fee the clou~t 1 ~ appear? • And mix the light wi th darknefs ev'ry where; This threatens thofe who on long journeys go, That they iliall meet with flabby rain or fnow. Elfe while I gaze, the fun doth with his beams .Belace the clouds, as 'twere with bloody Zhen fuddenly thofe clouds do watry And weep and pour their tears out where go. COMPARISON. Thm. 'tis when gofpel light doth u!her in To us, both fenfe of grace, and fenfe of fin; Yea, when it makes fin red with Jefus' blood, Then we can weep. till weeping does us goo~ XIII. Upou