Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YO·UT'H. But am I daunted? No, I hete and there Do feel and fearch ; and fo if any where, At any chink or crevice find my way, . I uoud, I prefs for paffage, make no fray : gg And fo thro' difficulty I attain The palace, yea, the throne where princes reign•. I croud fometimes, as if I'd burfl in funder:. And art thou crufh'd withfiriving·, do not wonder. Some fcarce get in; and yet indeed they enter; Knock, for they nothing have, that nothing venture. Nor will t~e King himf<:;lf throw dirt on theer As thou ha!l ca!l reproaches upon me, He will not hate thee, 0 thou foul backflider r As thou didH m·e becaufe I am a· fpider~ Now, to conclude: fince l much doarine bring, Slight me no more, call me not ugly thing. God: wifdom hath unto the pifmire given, And fpiders may teach men the way to heaven •. I , Sinner. "V\T ell, my good fpider, I my errors- fee,. I was a fool fer railihg fo at thee. Thy nature, venom, and thy fearful •hue, , But {hew what finners are, and·what they do. Thy way, and works do. alfo darkly tell, · How fome men go to heaven, and fome to helL Thou art mv monitor, I am a foor; They m?Y leam, tha~ to fpidcrs go to fchool. D 2 XIX. Merii· ::... /