Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

'60 DINIME EMBL.!,MS C -OMPARISON. The hypocrite is like unto this Frog; .As like as is the puppy to the dog. :He is of nature cold, his mouth ts wide To pnte, and at true goodnefs to deride. And tho' the world is that which has his love, He mounts his head, as if he liv'dabove. And though he feeks in churches for to croak He neither loveth Jefus, nor his yoke XXXII. Upon tke Wipping -if -a T-op. 'T I S with the whip the bey fets up the . top, . · · , The whip does make it whirl upon its toe; Hither and thither makes it Ikip and hop : 'Tis with the. whip, the top is made to _go. CoMPARisoN.