Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

88 B 0 0 K S Bible, with marginal References, and Pra8:i. cal Obfervations, by the late Rev. Mr. Oflervald, of Neufchatel, Switzerland, 2 vol. large 8vo, 1 os. 6d. Bible Epitomized; or, Sacred Extra8:s, con. taining Ch~pters fele8:ed from the New and Old Teflament, and Apocrypha. Divided into 3 books. Book I. From the New Teflament. Book II. From the Old Tefiament. Book Ill. From the Apocrypha. Neatly printed in a large crown o8:avo of near 6oo pages, and illufirated with a Map of the Holy Land, 4s. bound. Brown's Sunday Thoughts, tzmo. 3s. Burkitt's Help. and Guide for Chrifiian Fami. lies, ts. Dick.infon's Letters on Sacred Subje8:s, 3s. Dodd's (Dr.) Thoughts in Prifon, in five Parts, tzmo. 3s. Dodd's Comfort for the Affli8:ed under every Difirefs, with fuitable Devotions, 12mo. 3s. 6d. Dr.elincourt's